Since there are 2 weeks left til Christmas & the start of Hanukah (Yup. Plenty of time!) I pulled together a list of 10 awesome gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life, ranging from $8 to $140 (listed below in that order) to make your life easier in the gift-giving season.

These are staples in my life & have served me well... I highly recommend them!

Check them out below...

Feel free to share this blog with those you love as a "hint, hint... here are some things to get me!" I make it super easy because the links are right there to purchase. & yes, I am an amazon affiliate, so if you use my links to amazon, I receive a percentage of the purchase. I am not an affiliate for TRX, audible or the journals. I just think these things are GREAT! (full disclosure here!)



Adjustable Jumprope = $8

I LOVE my jumprope. It's great cardio & you can take it anywhere.
This is a staple in my workout routine, especially when I travel.
Jumping rope improves coordination, boosts the heart rate
& builds your calves. Plus it makes ya feel like a kid again.



audibleGift a Membership to Audible
or Purchase an audio book

Excellent for walkers! Listen & learn as you put on mileage.
Book Recommendations:
Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman
Mindset by Carol Dweck
The One Thing by Gary Keller




Get Focused & Achieve Goals in 2017

5 Minute Journal = $22
This is a daily habit creator that sets the tone every morning
& evening to change your mindset.

Daily Greatness Journal = $45 (get 5% off through this link)
This journal asks great questions that get you thinking
& exploring what it is you want in your life so you can
actually do what it takes to achieve it!




1lb Weighted Kickboxing Gloves = $20

Add resistance to your workouts and help with hand speed,
coordination as well as increased endurance.
Strengthens your arms and shoulders
+ adds intensity (heart rate will go up!)

*NOT for heavy bag training. Do this instead.




Foam Roller = $20

This is a must-have for anyone involved in moving
their bod - in other words, I believe EVERYONE
should have a foam roller. This is a self-massage tool
that loosens up the tight knots & helps release
bound-up connective tissue around the joints
that causes stiffness, pain & limited mobility.




Weight Lifting Gloves = $25

Great for callus and blister protection.
Gloves are ideal for weight training,
biking, cycling, & even body weight training
to protect your hands from the ground.
Good quality, washable & available in several colors.
I love my gloves!




Fold-Up Travel Yoga Mat = $25

Have yoga mat, will travel!
This is an awesome gift for anyone who likes to stretch
& keep it moving when they are on the road.
A rolled up yoga mat makes it awkward to bring on a plane,
but this can be put in a bag or suitcase, no problem!



tanktop_pnpTee's, Tanks & Hoodies = $25-$50

Progress Not Perfection (only thru 12/13)

In case you know someone who beats themselves up when things aren't "perfect", this motto will remind them that it's not about being perfect, it's about your progress. 🙂

Other fun/motivating fitness tee's




BOSU = $100

BOSU stands for "BOth Sides Up" - this is a workout tool
that will increase the challenge
& intensity for any at-home exerciser.
It helps take their workouts to a new level because it works
your balance like nothing else. This is a member favorite
& I've been training clients on a BOSU since the late 90's! It's a great investment.



trx_screenshotTRX = $140

Total Body Cross Training at it's finest.
Developed by a navy seal, a TRX can be used in your home,
at the park, at the beach, or anywhere you want to workout.
TRX is a staple in my workout equipment arsenal.
Clients & members LOVE this thing. I've been using it since 2008 & I'm still not tired of using it! A solid investment.


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