One of the most valuable things you can learn in life is resourcefulness.

The workout that I’m sharing with you today uses 4 different pieces of equipment, but truthfully, if all you have is a pair of dumbbells & a mat, you’re good!

I’m sure your schedule has been a bit out of the norm with the holiday season, so I thought it would be helpful to share one of my own that I put together last week when I was craving a good sweat!

There was a company-wide meeting last week at one of my corporate locations, so as a corporate wellness contractor, that meant I was left with some time to myself. I seized the moment & put together a short, but intense, strength workout using some basic equipment you most likely already have at home OR have access to at the gym.

It’s total body training and because of that, don’t be fooled about missing out on cardio. In fact, if you are using the proper dumbbell to challenge you and you pace yourself rep after rep, this sequence of exercises gets the strength & cardio job done!

I use a high bench (90 degree bend in your knee to measure max height)
- you can use a chair or do lunges on the floor.

I use a TRX
- you can use dumbbells & do bent over rows or work on your pull ups if you have a bar.

I use a bosu
- you can take push ups to the floor.

Plenty of options, so get creative & have some fun with it!

I used a 25 pound dumbbell for the bicep work (I criss-crossed a 20 with a 5 to get the weight I needed for bicep curls)

6 exercises, 40 seconds a piece for 3 rounds.

  1. Leave Left foot on the bench (or chair) as you step up & tap your toe and do a bicep curl Right
  2. Leave Right foot on the bench (or chair) as you step up & tap your toe and do a bicep curl Left
  3. One-Arm Dip Right (optional: add Left elbow to Right knee - or just leave right leg extended)
  4. One-arm Dip Left (optional: add Right elbow to Left knee - or just leave left leg extended)
  5. Rows (TRX)
  6. Push Ups (Bosu)

Optional Variation with less equipment

  1. Lunge back Right / Bicep Curl Right as you step in
  2. Lunge back Left / Bicep Curl Left as you step in
  3. Use both arms to dip on floor or chair
  4. Seated knee tucks on floor or chair
  5. Bent-over rows with dumbbells
  6. Push ups on floor

I paused for a few sips of water between each round. Other than that… straight thru baby!

Post below ~ Questions for me?
what equipment did you decide to use?

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