Did you know drinking warm lemon water aids in digestion, improves immune function, decreases inflammation & keep skin young, healthy and glowing?

I’ve been squeezing half an organic lemon into an 8 oz glass of luke-warm water & drinking it first thing in the morning for the past month or so.

It’s a super simple thing I could do on a regular basis that would gain me the most benefit without the cost of too much time or unnecessary spent money.

Lemon Water







Yup - I’ll take that!

And while I’m at it, I follow up my lemon water with another glass of water that includes a few twists from my Himalayan pink salt grinder.

I could be doing both of these things together in one glass, but when I tried it, it was kinda gross. A bit too strong for my liking. So, I prefer to separate them.

I still get the benefits either way and the salt water rinses the lemon juice off my teeth (to prevent the breakdown of enamel), it helps me establishes a healthy electrolyte balance for the day - filling my body with trace minerals that help keep hydration in my muscles (drinking MORE water isn’t always as beneficial as you might think).

Himalayan Pink sea salt is NOT table salt. Each have different properties. So, please keep that in mind before you take the salt shaker to your water glass.

Himalayian Salt








Give this a try for a couple weeks - what do you notice? Better digestion? others getting sick, but not you? healthier glow to the skin? Less thirsty? Better sleep? Comment below.

While I have your eyes, did you see this awesome article about American diet culture on the decline? I'm so relieved to read this. In fact, I'll probably do a blog post about it myself.

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