1. A gift to yourself: The RealFit Mindset Course

This one is what I consider my life’s work. It’s what my book will be based on. Yes, I have a knack for putting together & coaching awesome workouts, but the truth is, what really excites me (& what I’m even better at) is helping you connect the reasons WHY you can’t follow through on doing the healthy things/eating the healthy things that will get you the results you want to have in your body.The RealFit Mindset Course is a revolutionary, go-at-your-own-pace online program I designed specifically to help you if you are obsessed about food, struggling with weight loss, hating your body, either over-exercising and never feeling like what they do is ever good enough OR the opposite, can’t seem to stick to a workout plan. Finally break through the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to create your ultimate freedom formula when it comes to food and fitness. Go from food obsessed to body blessed in as little as 90 days with me guiding you through every step of the way. Stop dieting & food restriction. I show you a better way! (This may very well be the BEST thing you do for yourself going into 2018)

I can’t get enough of Beauty Counter makeup, body wash & sunscreen. Did you now that there are over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union? With so many other things regulated, it can be alarming to find out that what we put on our skin (& therefore absorbed into our bodies) is not. Beauty Counter is an awesome company that developed a “Never List” of over 1500 chemicals that they refuse to use in their products. So, not only does that make them safer for us, it makes them safer for the environment. AND they work! They feel amazing on the skin and apply like butter. My faves: Dew Skin, their Lip Gloss, Body Wash & their Sunscreen can’t be beat.

This is my new skin care regimen & I absolutely LOVE it - it’s reversing the clock and making my face look & feel younger & younger.SPECIAL GIFT through December 31: Get a FREE Radiance C+E ($94 value) when you purchase the new Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen and place on Autoship.†PLUS through December 31 ONLY: Receive a new holiday blue sparkle YOUTH cosmetic bag with each purchase of the new Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen.†The entire Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen was designed to work together for improved skin texture, radiance, and firmness, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Formulated with active anti-aging ingredients in every single product in the line, YOUTH provides treatment benefits in each of the four simple steps.100% of women had younger-looking skin and 2/3 shifted their skin age into a younger decade. Get started today.The Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen includes:

  • Step 1:  Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser – 3-in-1, soap-free, pH-balanced cleanser.  Gently polish, purify and prepare your skin.
  • Step 2:  Perfecting Skin Toner – Free your skin of dull cells and environmental pollutants. Exfoliate, hydrate and nourish for glowing skin.
  • Step 3:  Youth Activating Serum – 10X the actives to provide the critical regeneration step.  Renews skin at the cellular level for superior radiance and rejuvenation.
  • Step 4 Day:  Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer – Naturally derived zinc oxide provides chemical-free SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  Vitamins and botanicals moisturize your skin and improve skin tone.
  • Step 4 Night:  Advanced Renewal Night Cream – This targeted night repair cream supports your skin's cell renewal process. A proprietary botanical blend helps collagen and elastin production to make skin appear younger looking, smoother, and more luminous. Available in Light or Rich formulas.
  • YOUTH products are all 100% vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Each YOUTH product shown contains a 60-day supply.

I have 3 diffusers. One at my office, one in our main living space at home & one in our bedroom. Diffusers are an awesome way to give an aroma to the air without all the toxins (or dangers) that come with burning candles. Instead, essential oils provide an array of benefits that can help you feel calm & relaxed or more invigorated, motivated & inspired depending on the oil. Steve & I have a box full of a couple dozen essential oils (we have grown our collection slowly over the years) and have come to really appreciate learning all of the ways they can improve your health. Whether you take them internally, rub into the skin or inhale them, their healing properties seem limitless!


This one’s for the advanced exerciser in your life when you don’t know what to get them. Gripsling is made of fire hose material and is used for the purpose of increasing grip strength as you work on improving your pull-ups. They are super easy to travel with & can be wrapped around any bar for a built-in strength challenge on the go. These make for an awesome (& affordable) gift!


I got these for my MissFits last year for Christmas. (They have different styles out this year.) But, I thought they were brilliant! (so I got one for me too ? ) It's a pretty metal bracelet that happens to hold your hair tie. No more tacky elastic's around the wrist in case you need to pull your hair back. Pretty smart, eh?


Steve & I have been using Hello Fresh since February 2016 & absolutely LOVE it & recommend it to all of our friends & I recommend it to my clients here in the US.
Here's why:

  • We get to try new foods & flavors we otherwise would never think to order if in a restaurant.
  • Takes the guesswork & stress out of planning (& shopping for) meals every week. Thank gawd!
  • The variety keeps it interesting! There is always a great balance of pork, beef, veggie & fish dishes with every delivery.
  • It's gotten Steve & I cooking together which is like a ? date-night-in. We put on music & catch up on our day. It's made cooking fun again for us.
  • They use healthy, whole food, organically & sustainably raised whenever possible.

Free Tote for you (on me!)
Truth be told, I don’t actually enjoy shopping…. But I really LOVE getting new clothes! Enter: LeTote. It’s a subscription service (I’ve been using for over 6 months now) that styles “totes” & mails them to you. I get 3 articles of clothing + 2 accessories with every tote. I get to wear them for as long or as short as I want, them mail them back in a postage-paid envelope. Think Netflix back when we rented DVD’s.... Except, if there is something you really love & you want to keep, awesome! Send the rest back & they will charge you a special member rate for the piece you hold on to. The more styles you add to your closet online through their website, the better the stylists get at choosing your tote for you (& your size). You can also swap out any items before you finalize & confirm that tote is ok to send. I’ve adjusted items in time for weddings & special events which makes it super fun because I don’t need to go shopping for a dress. I can just time my Tote!

It was a gift from my sister a few years ago for my birthday (thank you Amanda!) and man, it has taken a beating! I love how I can get sweaty & still stick to it in my vinyasa practice. I'm not a fan of hot yoga, so if you are looking for a mat for that kind of heat, you'll still need a towel over the top of this one (if you sweat like I do!) I'm ready to order a new one & this time I'll be ordering the extended length. This makes for an awesome holiday gift for the yoga lovers in your life.

Step is among the favorite formats on RealFit.tv. However, this year I made a decision to archive the step videos & let go of teaching that format (other than interval workouts using the step for cardio drills & strength moves). So, for the step lovers in your life, here’s lifetime access to our step vault!

  • 55 full length step workouts
  • Simple-to-follow choreography, anyone can do it (But, remember, simple doesn’t mean EASY!)
  • Awesome music to keep you inspired and forgetting about the time
  • Workouts that range from 20 to 60 minutes, choose what fits your schedule
  • A variety of step options including cardio, strength, balance, & coordination
  • Workouts are designed for optimal results - they are fun, efficient, effective & fat-burning!

Want more ideas? Check out last year’s list here.

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