Are you afraid of eating fat like I was? I'm not anymore! I'm not a fearless fat-eater & here's why:

1) Some fats are "essential." They are called "essential fatty acids" simply because our body requires them, but does not naturally produce them. So, it becomes essential that we get these from our diet. They are the Omega-3's & Omega-6's.
Good sources:
Nuts, Seeds, Nut butters & Seed butters, Avocado & Fish such as Salmon & Sardines.
Fish Oil supplement I take every day & I recommend:

2) Fats help you absorb vital nutrients - Vitamin A, D, E & K. These are actually called "fat-soluble vitamins." These are the vitamins that are responsible for healthy vision, skin, hair, nails, blood clotting & assimilation of calcium to name a few. Without the presence of fat in your diet, you risk deficiency and that leads to illness.

3) Fat plays a vital role in hormone regulation. Healthy hormone levels help with metabolism function, fat burning & muscle building. This is how eating fat helps you lose fat.

4) Fat helps you feel full & helps to slow down digestion. Fat makes food taste good! So, be aware that if you choose a fat free or low-fat product, they will add in sugar & other additives to make up for the lost taste. You are better off choosing the full-fat version with less ingredients. Just be aware of the amount - we still want to eat fat in moderation. Since fat is 9 calories per gram (where carbohydrates are 4 & protein is 4 cals per gram), fat can add up in calories rather quickly.
***Be sure you watch the full video because I add in some bonus tips on what oil is better to cook with & why, my thoughts on butter vs margarine, plus I explain what's up with "hydrogenated oil".

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