45-Minute Kickboxing: No Floor, Lotsa Core

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Many of my kickboxing workouts incorporate floor drills & body weight training. This one is a bit different. We train our core without getting down on the floor… uh… score!? hehe. Don't let that fool you - this is still a fairly intense kickboxing routine. So do what you can & remember, you can always ground your feet when you need a recovery. Fill your water bottle, grab your towel & let's goooo!!!!!
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Comment from "Kickboxing: Box It or Bag It, Just BRING IT!":
"Oh, wow. I mean, WOW!!!! This has got to be one of your absolute BEST kickboxing workouts, Dana. I cancelled my membership for a while, and just renewed it tonight--and I wish I had never left! What was I doing? What was I thinking?? I now understand that you are the Queen of kickboxing. SOOO glad to be back!! : D"
~ Kristl from Cali
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