One rule is telling you that yolks & shrimp are ok, yet you’ve been told all your life that you should stay away from cholesterol & fat in your food.

Another rule is saying fat is ok, it’s the carbs that are off limits, but you really enjoy that pasta you & your fam grew up on.

This other rule is telling you that HIIT is the only way to go, but HIIT makes your joints hurt. (at least the kind that you’ve tried.)

I mean, jeez - there are so many things to follow and each have their contradictions, that it’s unbelievably, head-spinning, confusing and I’m sure pisses you off, like it does me.

Take a deep breath & just enjoy the fact that you are reading this blog right now because that means you are seeking simplicity.

And where you ask better questions and get inquisitive, you will receive better answers.

I’m about to confront some of the major flaws that are happening with rules like the ones I listed above so you have the power to stay out of confusion and get clear on what action is the right one for YOU.

For each flaw I give you a way to course-correct so you know the rules and can consciously break them and re-define your own.

There are 5 flaws that I have chosen to highlight, and I leave the most important one to last, so be sure you read to the end.

  1. Fitness & nutrition are a moving target.
    This means that throughout each chapter of your life, things change! Your body changes, your environment may change, stressors change. So an important thing to keep in mind to navigate this process is that it works until it doesn’t work.

    1. ---> Course Correction: Trust your instincts and intuition
      Your gut KNOWS when things are not working for you. It is your job to listen.
  2. You will have far more success with “guidelines” than you will with “rules.”
    Rules test your ego and can bring out your inner rebel which can back-fire. Your inner rebel doesn’t like being told what to do so you’ll sabotage OR your ego will have a need to be right & follow every rule to a “T.”

    1. ---> Course Correction: Practice progress, not perfection.
      This will keep you in the forward motion without getting hung up on getting it right or throwing yourself off course.
  3. Respect your bio-individuality. No one is YOU! Not your chemical make-up, your history or your heritage. So the rules that work for someone else will most likely NOT work for you.
    1. ---> Course Correction: Focus on the study of one.
      That study is YOU. Expand your knowledge and education based on YOUR body and your experiences all while taking your mental, emotional & physical health into consideration.
  4. HAPPINESS is the most important factor in creating fitness, food & fat loss rules for sticking to it long-term & ultimately experiencing success.
    1. ---> Course Correction: Move your body in ways that you LOVE!
      This will bring all the cells in your body into greater harmony which is in alignment with optimal metabolic function.
  5. Your thinking & beliefs dictate the results you get REGARDLESS of what rules you follow. The reason the industry doesn’t want you to know that it begins with your thoughts and belief system is that there is a shitton of money to be made in you feeling bad about yourself. Don’t buy into that bullshit.
    1. ------> Course Correction: Adopt an “I am healthy, fit & strong” mindset.
      This core belief will dictate the guidelines you discover to be true for YOU and will result in exactly that - a health, fit & strong YOU.

Let’s recap with the action items to take from here.

  1. Trust your instincts and your intuition more.
  2. Practice progress, not perfection.
  3. Focus on the study of YOU.
  4. Move your body in ways that make you happy.
  5. Adopt an “I am healthy, fit & strong” mindset.

Still unsure of how to trust yourself? What if I told you that there is a step by step proven mindset method that helps you create your own truth? Would you do it?

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