ugh. yesterday was rainy, yucky & rather cold as we welcomed the month of May.

& where was I? I was trying my best to warm up a group of dedicated 5kers at the Annual 5k Race/Walk in Waldwick, NJ.

My buddy Jared Ruban was the presenting sponsor. So Body Plus & teamed up to make sure these runners were taken care of - I warmed ‘em up & got them psyched for their race & Jared & his team stretched ‘em out after the finish line.

Pretty awesome bookends to a race wouldn’t ya say?

As I talk to more & more runners, I find that they often ditch both of these components. Ok - maybe you can’t get a massage every time, but you CAN stretch for 5 minutes (watch the stretch video here)

Are you a runner or cyclist?
Do you find yourself heading straight out the door for your run or ride without moving your shoulders, spine, hips, knees & ankles around a bit to get the blood flowing first?

If you dive right in & skip the first 5 minute ramp-up, I guarantee you’ll feel like you want to quit (aka DIE) within the first 10 minutes.

So, today I give you 5 simple moves to do BEFORE you ramp things up & dart out the door for you walk, your run or your ride.

I take you through top to bottom so not only will your head be in the game  connected to your feet since they carry you for each of these adventures. AND as a bonus, you’re stacking the odds of being injury-free in your favor.

I talk to a lot of runners/cyclists who know they need to cross train, but don’t really know what to do to be sure their activity is complimenting their sport. I am toying with the idea of developing an upper body, core & stretch program for you! This would also include nutrition guidance to fuel your fat-burning & performance. If this is something you’d be interested in, please post below & let me know:

  1. What your running/cycling routine consists of &
  2. What your biggest struggle is

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