If keeping the 20 pounds off and feeling AWESOME about yourself has been on your resolution list over the past few years…

… it’s time to finally cross it off!

When I look back and imagine starting my weight loss journey over, there are 5 things I would have done completely different from everyone else around me.

5 things that I can bet my last dollar your dieting friends & family are totally missing out on.

5 things the professionals aren’t even telling you. (Because I AM a fitness & nutrition professional & this was exactly NOWHERE in my training.)

But YOU, you are ready for this information. Now is your time. This is your year. And you need to know the things that I was never taught.

If you remember correctly, it was this time last January that you were vowing to yourself that 2017 was the year the weight came off for good ...and unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

I know that shit went down in 2017 which made your life really hard at times. Painful & challenging things with family health scares and devastation of natural disasters and the unsettling political climate. It. was. ROUGH.

To successfully lose weight and eat healthy in 2017 was just out of the question. Looking back, impossible even.

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That’s because we all do the best we can with what we got. So I encourage you to be compassionate with yourself as you vow to seek a deeper understanding of yourself in 2018 building on your life experiences from here on out.

There is hope & promise that regardless of what went down before your eyes lay upon this blog post & video above, you have what it takes to put weight loss struggles behind you. I believe in you. It is there within you. You CAN do it. You are just one mindset shift away...

If I could start where you are RIGHT NOW, these are 5 things I would focus my energy on even though they appear to have nothing to do with dieting or food or exercise or metabolism on the surface.

Hear me out on this because these things are the ROOT of dieting, food, exercise & metabolism. Success in these areas is the INEVITABLE SIDE EFFECT once you’ve mastering these things first:

  1. Give yourself permission to be, do & have everything you want in life.
    When you stop seeking permission from others & finally give it to yourself, you allow your vision in life to pour in like the flood gates of awesome just opened.
  2. Be clear in the vision of you life.
    Dare to dream big and allow yourself to become crystal clear with exactly what you want in your life. When you are vague, life brings you vagueness & mediocrity. It brings you more of the same. When you know what you want & more importantly, how you want to FEEL in your life, it is drawn to you like a magnet.
  3. Trust that small voice that keeps telling you that you are worth it.
    When you feel worthy, all self-care (eating right & exercising consistently) comes with ease & joy. When you embrace your worthiness, you believe you are worth the time, energy, care and attention.
  4. Use comparison to see what’s possible in life.
    There is only ONE of you. No one else. When you are able to see what others have what you wish you had, there is an opportunity to bask in the possibility of becoming a greater version of yourself by drawing on the inspiration of those around you. Judy Garland said it best: “Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.”
  5. Pay attention to the thoughts that feed you.
    Your food choices come from the thoughts you are telling yourself in your head. “I am fat” will trigger behavior to support those words. “I am fit & healthy” will trigger behavior to support those words. Pay less attention to food as nourishment & more attention to your THOUGHTS as nourishment.

NO ONE - I repeat - NO ONE - can continue to take on the same strategies & tactics that they’ve always done in the past with the same old mindset and expect that working from that same mindset will get them different results.

Keto. Low carb. Carb cycling. 7-day cleanse. 21-day detox. These are things to be implemented AFTER these 5 things are in place FIRST. (but many of my clients find they don’t even need those diets anymore anyway)

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And, you are just one mindset shift away...

Go here if you could use some help in putting these into practice. I’d love to talk one-on-one. xo

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