Ahhhh.... SWEAT!

You've seen me in my workout vids - I require a floor towel AND a face towel. It's kinda ridiculous. But, there's not much I can do about it. I'm designed that way.

And I'm not complaining - although when I am dressed up for a wedding, it can be challenging, so I've learned a few things over the years to help me work around it.

In fact, Steve & I just attended a beautiful wedding on Friday night at the historic Skylands Manor in Ringwood,NJ. The dress I wore not only matches the shades of my hair, it hides sweat really well 🙂

me & steve lauren's wedding

ohhh, Steve. haha.

Now, I know there's a reason for "why-the-sweat?!". So, for that, I'm grateful that my body works this way.

Whether or not you sweat, you still have the equal opportunity to use body fat for fuel. The mechanisms aren't related in that capacity.

#4 is one you may not know...one you could have over-looked on your fitness journey. And I'm wondering if you've taken note? Comment below & fill me in ~

As I touch on in another point in the video, if you DON'T sweat, you have a harder time than others when it comes to dealing with the heat, or cooling your body down.

In case you missed the last video on hydration, watch it here.

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