ahhh… the first full week of 2016.

And before we get much further, I wanted to address something that may be tripping you up before you even get started.

The dreaded realization of “Aaaack!!! my clothes don’t fit me!”

Have you recently slipped on an old pair of jeans only to get them stuck before actually zippering them up & buttoning them completely?

No need to panic about the whole thing & get upset, angry or frustrated at yourself.

Or translate that to: “OMG I need go on a diet, STAT!”

Fear not. Take a deep breath (after the pants come off). It is all going to be OK!

Let’s put this in perspective: You are not DIE-ing!

(I can’t help but point out the word DIE is in DIET)

What has dieting done for you anyways? Yeah. That’s right. It’s done you ZERO favors. It sets you further back, not forward when you look at the big picture.

Before you make any rash decisions, there are 5 things to know about this stage of transition (aka: “my clothes don’t fit right now”) that will keep you from being so hard on yourself and getting caught back up in your old ways (which haven’t actually worked if you are being completely honest):

  1. Accepting where you are right now is not the same as giving up. You can be compassionate & accept yourself while you work on self-improvement.
  2. Go through your wardrobe and practice letting go of what you don’t feel good in especially if you are hanging on a hope of fitting back into those clothes.
  3. Treat yourself to new-to-you stuff. Shop for new clothes at consignment shops. It’s fun, funky & affordable. (maybe trade in your old clothes for a store credit!)
  4. Go shopping by yourself - YOU know what you feel good in & what you do not. Practice confidence! Let go of seeking others’ approval. No one else can tell you what you feel good in but YOU.
  5. Fact: Excess weight on your body does not make you WRONG. Excess weight on your body does not make you a BAD person.

How do you feel about the situation now? Do these tips help you shift perspective? Post below & share your experience!

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