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We're heading into May which means our fitness routine and eating habits must tighten up if we want to feel good in our summertime tanks, shorts, skirts & bathing suits. It is a bonus week this month in the RealResults membership so I decided to do something special. I put together a 6 week, 2-part (workout #1 & workout #2) strength workout that will challenge you differently than any other strong & sleek workout on our site. There is an option for using either barbells or dumbbells, depending on what you have at home or want to invest in. The program is designed to bring out your strength which will bring out a sleeker physique when adhering to a consistent program. I give a pdf download to track your workouts & lay out your weekly summer slim-down plan over the next 6 weeks. RealResults is offered as a monthly option. So, join us for this challenge! Cancel anytime. See you in Workout #1!

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