In Part 1 we took some of your thoughts on what you hate about your eating habits and got them down on paper, then flipped them around to create a normal, healthy, easy way of eating for you.

In Part 2 we are taking a look at the framework required to start LIVING that new way of normal.

I share my screen as we go over each point. And, actually whether you did Part 1’s exercise or not, you will still get a ton out of today’s teaching video.

After 22 years as a fitness and nutrition coach, I’m about to share the missing elements of why you struggle with your weight and feeling good about yourself.

THIS is the secret sauce right here.

Ya ready?

  1. Be willing to let go of everything you've learned about food, fitness & diets to create your own formula.
    Letting go of the old models that haven’t worked for you creates space to allow new information and new behavior to fill its place so you experience long term success.
  2. Create the vision for what it is you really want.
    If you have been struggling and flailing, it is because you haven’t gotten clear on exactly what you want for yourself.
  3. Identify the limiting beliefs and stories that have you stuck.

    Uncovering your own personal stories about how your beliefs were formed is a critical part of understand what it is you are doing to sabotage (& why you do it in the first place)
  4. Harness your emotional intelligence.
    Emotions play a key role in your relationship with food. Learn to process your emotions in a healthy way (known as emotional metabolism) and you will no longer look to food to cope or fix things.
  5. Make all of your food decisions based on your mental, emotional & physical well-being.
    All 3 aspects of your health play a critical role in letting go of food & body obsession so you can feel satisfied and fulfilled with your choices (what you eat, how you eat, how much you eat).
  6. Claim your worthiness.
    When you claim your self-worth, you take good care of yourself. Period. That means you eat and move in ways that make you feel mentally, emotionally & physically good. You are worth it.
  7. Understand your own bio-identity.
    No one has your exact genetic make-up or your past experiences in this lifetime. Honor your uniqueness by eating the foods that are in alignment with YOU and moving your body in the best ways that serve you.
  8. Take personal responsibility for what you say & what you do.
    Forgive & Let go.
    Blaming others for why you are struggling with your food & your weight keeps you in the struggle.
  9. Happiness, joy and fulfillment MATTER.
    Including happiness and joy as part of the process of self care (including living at your optimal weight) is NOT frivolous. It is part of your own unique formula to unlock the struggle because it is the fastest path to peace and normal eating which brings you to living in a body you feel good about.

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