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You are just ONE Mindset shift away...

...From living in a body you feel good about-- You feel proud of.

(because right now you might feel ashamed and maybe even angry with yourself.)

...From feeling comfortable around food in social situations.

(because right now you don’t exactly trust yourself around the appetizer table at parties.)

...From having the confidence that you are making the best food choices for YOU.

(because right now you are totally confused about carbs and fat and question if calorie-counting is really the way to go.)

...From knowing that your workouts are the getting you the results you deserve.

(because right now you work hard and don’t feel like it even makes a difference… would people even know you worked out if you didn’t tell them?)

There is Nothing Wrong with You.

The fitness and diet industry has lead you to believe that there is something wrong with you. And that the answer lies in the perfect diet and the ideal workout program. And if you aren’t dropping weight & keeping it off, then there is something you aren’t getting right. You must diet HARDER. You must DO MORE.

RealFit is here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with YOU.

The time has come to take a look at how your thoughts & beliefs are what brought you to experience the struggles with food, fitness & your body weight you have today.

If you want to finally live in a body you can accept and dare I say, actually LIKE, you will find many women that used to be where you are in this safe haven we call RealFit.

If you exercise at home because you need a program to work for you on YOUR terms and you feel a bit intimidated at the thought of being around other people who are so damn confident, then get ready because RealFit is like an extension of your family right within your own home.

RealFit is a place where you can feel more comfortable being you. A place where you can learn to ask better questions so that you get better answers and stop the struggle and floundering.

But before we get there, you need to be willing to retrain your thinking and rethink your training.

Not just workout “training,” but mental training which is even MORE important.

You need to reprogram how to eat and how to move so you can design a new set of strategies that are built around your happiness, your fulfillment and your ultimate vision for your body and your life.

If you’re ready, we’re ready. Dana Lee & the RealFit community has helped hundreds of women around the world finally break free from food issues and body hate.

You’re next!

Who is RealFit.tv?

Founder & CEO

In 2012, Dana Lee founded RealFit.tv with the core mission of educating and inspiring women to be their own self-care advocates and that begins with a healthy mindset. When you retrain the way you think, you inevitably rethink the way you train which ultimately leads to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and a physically, mentally & emotionally HAPPIER YOU.

Dana Lee’s goal continues to be accomplished in 4 ways:

Inspire & educate women around the world by bringing top-notch fitness coaching and training directly to any chick who wants to become a badass in her very own basement. She launched her YouTube channel with a flip cam and a dream, and women continue to discover what’s possible with RealFit workouts on that platform today.

Provide powerful online programs and coaching to support women who were ready for change and realize that they don’t have all the answers, don’t want to waste time scrambling for them and want to make new, like-minded friends. Currently there are 3 online programs available that meet women where they are at & help get them to the next level:

  • FitPicks: Women who want fresh workouts in their favorite categories
  • RealResults: Women who want fresh workouts, coaching and connection to a movement.
  • Mindset Course: Women who want a step-by-step method to retrain their thinking and end the self-sabotage with food and fitness.

Fundamentally transform the health and fitness industry by being a strong female fitness leader who isn’t afraid to shed light on the path required that will take women back to their true selves - full of beauty, power and inner strength.

Bring RealFit to the workplace so that companies can provide mind, body & soul solutions for their staff and in turn, empower more women to feel happy, fulfilled and supported in their health and wellbeing at both home and at their place of employment.

Founder & CEO
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Nothing on this site would be possible without Amanda. She is a mom of 2 awesome kids Noah & Chloe. She's a wife to a rebel-rouser & she's the sister to me! She's always up for a good strength challenge & she loves to workout in bare feet. Amanda does weekly cooking videos in the RealResults Coaching Program. She has a knack for cooking healthy, whole food (as much organic as possible) for a family of 4 on a budget.




The assistant to all things RealFit! She is head of members services and helps get our awesome workouts, coaching videos & other fun content into the site for your enjoyment. Anita is a mom of 2 great kids & a wife to a very smart man. While she's not assisting RealFit, Anita teaches BodyPump, Spinning, & Interval style classes at a few local gyms.





Teresa's our biggest trouble maker. And that's why we love her. She's always having fun in our workouts together & she makes it easy to lighten up on ourselves and just have a good time. She's in her 60's, but you wouldn't know it because of her spirit to lift strong & push herself. She's a mom to 2 adorable furbabies, Bear & Sebastian. She is one of my biggest instagators, but I wouldn't have it any other way.



Barbara is the one to shake her booty any chance she gets (like in between sets or when she gets tired & doesn't feel like lifting anymore lol). She's a teacher in our local middle school. mom to 3 beautiful young ladies, & wife to a motorcycle enthusiast. We often go riding together. Barbara is always sure to remind you to not take your workout so dang seriously... have FUN along the way!




The youngest MissFit, Lara, is the quiet one. But she also loves to be up front in our workouts. Always game for a new challenge. She just loves to laugh - & will not dance, btw... while everyone else makes asses of themselves. She works in medical billing & just finished her degree. She's an awesome chick who is sure to inspire you to push yourself in your workout!



One thing to know about Eileen is that she is a HUGE NJ Devils fan. And although she's looking pretty sassy in these shots, she's actually one of the most grounded people I know. She's a mom to 2 grown kids, wife to a chef, devoted Christian & she works full time in IT. She's quite the inspiration because despite a shoulder issue & vulnerable ankles, she finds modifications and keeps at it which will help you remember to do the same.



Nicole is the funniest of the bunch. She graces us with her presence in between her busy life married to Bob, getting her nails done & other social obligations. Nicole & I go WAYYY back; she used to take my classes when I was first starting out. These days she joins RealFit with you guys when she's not fitness bombing our workout videos.



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