Being a reformed cardio addict, I understand why people are compelled to focus on cardio training as the foundation for their workout program. However, there are a few ways this may actually be setting you farther back from your goals.

1. Cardio sessions are stressful. & If your LIFE is stressful, cardio can make it worse for your fat-burning abilities. (hey, I didn't make up the physiology. So, if you are frustrated with belly fat & you are a runner or cyclist, it's time to re-evaluate how your training sessions are impacting your hormones. Get started by choosing a free workout video here.)

2. Cardio only builds ONE muscle; your CARDIAC muscle. It is not the way to build all of the others; your SKELETAL muscles. And to neglect those means to neglect a whole 'nother component of your fitness & total body health.

3. Steady state cardio sessions lack metabolic effectiveness. Which would you prefer:
Burning 800 calories with 60 minutes of kickboxing, OR
Burning 500 calories with 60 minutes of weight training & continue to burn for the next 24-48 hours?

4. Typically cardio workouts only work one plane of movement. This increases over-use & risk of injury from muscular imbalances.

5. Too much cardio breaks joints down. Weight training builds bone & strengthen muscles around your joint (if lifting properly for your body)

Now, I'm not saying to nix the cardio altogether, not by any means.

What I am saying is that in order to achieve the body & life you really want, cardio is 2nd or 3rd in line. For me, strength comes 1st, yoga 2nd and cardio 3rd.

What is your order of priority and why?

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