Be The Change You Want To See In The WorldAre you feeling sorry for yourself and those over in Paris? Yeah... I hear ya. Loud & clear.

My heart has been heavy because of it & it saddens me to scroll through my feed only to find out how people are "unfriending" & "unfollowing" others because of different points of view.

Here's what I see.

This is the little frog & stone that greet me every time I come home. This pic was taken from my porch just outside my front door. I have it there because it is one of my all time favorite quotes.

It’s a daily reminder that the change does not happen with blame or expectations of others. The change I want to see in the world, begins with ME.

This is a rock in my life that reminds me to ask the questions:

Who am I being?

Are my thoughts & behaviors contributing to the problem or to the solution?

In light of the recent horrific events in France, even the aftermath of dividing arguments and positions can stand to be held to the Mahatma Ghandi test.

The solution is not found in blame.

The solution is not found in expectations of others.

The solution is not found in separation.

What often happens when I see horrible things like this happening in the world perpetuated by the media, is I feel like I have no control.

No way to prevent stuff like this from happening again.

And being so far away, what can I possibly do to help?

And then I walk in my front door & read this quote.

It helps me remember that I DO have the power. The power lies in my own thoughts & behaviors. It's not external. It's internal. & the way I "be" has more impact than I can possibly fathom.

It's an amazing switch that can be turned on no matter the circumstance.

In fact, the reason I have that rock at my door in the first place was to help me with the blame & shame I felt from wanting the health of the world to change so damn badly but feeling powerless as a fitness professional in what can be otherwise viewed as a muddled up overweight mess out there. "What difference can I possibly make?" I used to ask myself.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" shifted that for me in a profound way.

Rather than pointing out how someone else is doing it wrong like... "Wow. How can you NOT work out?" Or your reaction is "OMG you are eating THAT? Are you SURE you should be doing that?"

Remember to take your power back.

It's not about what THEY are doing. Focus on what YOU are doing.

It's not about who they are BEING. Focus on who YOU are being.

This perspective has made a profound impact on my life - otherwise you would not even be reading this email from me right now.

I would have given up. Surrendered. Let the masses win.

Instead I help my clients understand that peace with yourself is where it all begins. <3

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