Well, that was a crazy weekend! Super warm temps all through this winter & then whammo! We got 2 feet of snow. Personally, I love snow. So, I don’t mind it. 🙂

The shoveling on the other hand, I can do without. When it's 2 feet, shoveling MUST be done (at least half of it!). But when we get storms that only bring a few inches. meh.

I mean, I love the exercise and the fresh air. I just don’t appreciate all the time it takes only for the substance to melt on its own a few days later (or when the temperature rises). I see it as a waste of time, really. It’s costing me the time I have to do other things that are more important to me, especially on a day when I am “stuck inside” and can get other projects done that I would otherwise put off because “the weather’s too nice to stay inside!”

Besides, we have 4-wheel drive, so we can just drive back & forth over the top & pound it down a bit. (haha… that’s MY thinking - Steve doesn’t agree so he’ll get out there & shovel & throw down the salt.)

And the repetitive motion of digging in & pitching snow over an ever-growing mound kills my neck & shoulders. I even switch off right & left. But, until I can figure out how to dissolve this issue, I seek activities to release the tension from there, not add to the tension there.

See, when I look at any given activity, I ask myself if it’s an investment in myself... or a sacrifice of myself? Sometimes the sacrifice is worth it, if I can see a bigger payout. Other times, not so much.

Some may see shoveling snow as an investment in their safety. & I would agree with that.

My workouts, my yoga practice & my meditation, for example, all work towards an investment in my health - such as releasing the tension in my neck & shoulders. These are examples of things that help me as much mentally as they do physically because it is compounding behavior. It adds up to me living the best life & being the best person I can be.

So, my question to you this week is this:

Are Your Activities an Investment or a Sacrifice?








How are you seeing your workout time? What about other activities you decide to do?

This powerful question will help you navigate your way to a more fulfilling & healthier life. No one can answer this question but YOU. There is no right or wrong. It is only part of your decision making process. 🙂

Before I go, I wanted to share one of the most rewarding moments of my career as a fitness coach….

A couple weeks ago I received a request for someone to purchase some of my workouts on DVD because her father in law is BLIND & has to wait for someone to be around in order to cue up one of my workouts on YouTube.

I do not sell my workouts on DVD (our music licensing contract prohibits this type of distribution), but we did burn them & mail them out for him to cue up on his own anyway.

We do not sell DVDs, buuut...








How amazing is this story?!?! I've honed my coaching skills to be good enough to follow along without even seeing. My heart is filled with JOY over this!!!!

“Dana Lee is hands down my favorite fitness instructor. I like a serious workout. Dana gives me that and does not fool around! Her clear instructions guide me through exercises I've never done before, and no special equipment is needed! If you want variety and a good, hard, kick ass workout Dana will take you there. Thank you Dana for pushing me to be my best, and for giving your time to help us all be stronger and healthier.”

Craig Strickler
Kokomo, IN

Invest in yourself TODAY. Do the activities that build your life & your body up to be all that you desire them to be. Take a trial run & work with me in RealResults here.

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