The last few years have been spent recovering from a brutally stressful time in my life.

Well, a brutally stressful time followed by another, followed by yet another.

I have recognized that the common denominator of all this stress was ME.

Yup. I was the problem. I caused the most chaos & the most pressure in my life.

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The cool thing about making that realization is that if it was ALL my doing than I can UNdo it too.

I’ve spent the last 2 years specifically setting up behavior that is more in alignment with leading a happier, more peaceful life. A life filled with less pain & anguish.

It has taken quite a bit of time to realize its rippling effects, but meditation… MEDITATION has helped me get my shit together. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

I have dabbled in meditation here & there - Oprah & Deepak come out with a new series every once in awhile that I have been able to stick to. But, I’ll be honest when the free series is over, 20 minutes still feels to daunting.

More recently however, I came across a pretty awesome app that makes it even easier for me.

10 minutes? yup. I can do 10 minutes. It’s so simple & it helped me to worry less about “doing the meditation right” & instead, I just cued it up on my phone & hit play.

I just did it.

& I continue to do it. & it has brought me more peace, calm & focus throughout even the most hectic of days. The most trying of days. Seriously… good stuff.

I highly recommend giving this practice a shot. If you fell off the wagon, get back on. Here’s some solid motivation ~ Get started for consecutive 10 days, like I did, at only 10 minutes per day for free right here.

I don’t get paid any commission for sharing this with you or anything like that. I just think it’s a really great way for you to get your sanity back…. To experience how simple things in your life really CAN be.

If you DO meditate, comment below & share what ways it has affected you.

p.s. I just did a LIVE STREAM “strength & stamina” workout with my RealFitters. Check out the replay here if you are a member. If not, join here & explore the site for 14 days. I’d love to help you create a practice - similar to meditation - that makes the healthy habits, like working out, in your life SIMPLE & FUN so you do them!


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