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How do you handle enjoying your vacation without going completely off the rails and not be able to get back on?

That's what Sally & Dawn wanted to know as they each were gearing up for their own girls' getaways. Sally had a long weekend in New England & Dawn was headed to one of the beautiful US Virgin Islands.

Fear not, my fellow RealFitters. Vacationing is part of living a #RealFitLIFE 🙂

There a few concepts I have adopted over the years that I apply to my vacations. What makes them super effective is actually how I handle my life when I'm NOT on vacation.

1. I already have my mind set: Vacation is to break away from the every-day norm. The purpose is pleasure. I am most focused on what feels right in the moment.

2. Because working out feels good to me, sometimes I DO, sometimes, I DON'T. It truly depends. I bring my gear so I have it if I am inspired, if I don't workout, well that's good too.

3. If my vacation is doing what it's supposed to, this point will be moot. Before I leave, I DECIDE that my workout routine resumes as normal. However, most often, I feel recharged & re-focused when I get back, so I'm excited to dive back in. (Especially knowing that decent time off is GREAT for muscle growth & strength gains!)

4. Food is Food. There is no "good food" or "bad food" to me anymore. This is a concept I have adopted for all of my other days, so I don't need to go completely nuts on vacation because I eat what I want even when I'm home.

5. If I do go over-board & eat or drink too much, I just move the hell on. No punishment. No beating myself up. No more vicious cycles or emotional roller-coasters. I over eat sometimes. Ok. And then I put it behind me.

Next week (May 26, 2015) I am releasing "Dana's HIIT Vacation Workout" where I share what I'll be doing (if anything!) when I'm in Punta Cana.

I'll be providing a printable workout sheet that you can take with you - no need for the video - you'll have my notes!

If you want in on the action, go here & do a trial run for 14 days. Come see for yourself 🙂

Check out my TidBit Video on how I pack for workouts on the road:
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