RealFitters have been sportin’ our new Perfectly Imperfect tank tops.

This was me right before our member’s only live stream workout on Saturday...


This is Nicole, who’s in a lot of our workout videos & is a raving fan of step (such as myself) Check out the new step workout this week btw...


& here’s Dawn, who has been spinning with me online since 2014!


How awesomely happy do these chicks look? 🙂

Did you order a Perfectly Imperfect tank or tee yourself? If yes… READ THIS! You have a chance to win 500 bucks! Here’s how.

Be sure you post a pic & tag on instagram &/or Facebook #realfitlife #teespringselfie

Share your selfie with the hashtag #teespringselfie on at least one social network (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) AND email the design to [email protected] between 9:00am PST on August 5th 2016 and 6:00PM PST on September 5th, 2016 to enter the sweepstakes.

You have 2 weeks to take the perfect selfie!

In your email to [email protected] be sure to indicate which social network(s) you’ve shared your selfie on.

Winners will be announced on September 9th, 2016. A randomly-selected winner will get $500 and 2 other randomly-selected winners will win a free Teespring t-shirt.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, get snappin’ & get taggin’ !

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