Crappy days. We’ve all had them. & sometimes they turn into entire weeks. ugh

But, how do you stop it in its tracks so you keep it from ruining your whole day (or snowballing into the next)?

8 magical words. That’s how.

It’s about asking the right question when you notice your day is unraveling. Works for me every time.

But, most people say these 8 instead:
“Oh great. What else is going to happen?”

Hit play & find out how to change the question so you get a better answer:


Say it with me:
“How can it get any better than THIS?”

In fact, I say it on most days! Cuz honestly, I always welcome things to be better than they are, even on the good ones! It’s just an awesome phrase to adopt any way you look at it. 🙂

Comment below - next time you try it, keep me posted on what happens next.

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