Dieting can no longer be the number one strategy for losing weight anymore.

We know TOO much about the damaging side effects of counting calories and food restriction to go on like we’ve always done over the past 3 decades & expect it to actually create weight loss and well-being.

We know dieting messes with our heads.

Food restriction creates all sorts of obsessive thinking about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat - it’s enough to drive a person mad.

We know dieting messes with our emotions.

Dieting creates feelings of “I’m not good enough as I am” & a belief that “When I lose 20 pounds I’ll finally be happy.” (which are lies, btw)

We know dieting messes with our hormones and our metabolism.

Although drastically cutting calories can lead to the body’s quick reaction to drop weight, your body is also incredibly intelligent. It will adjust your metabolism to match that low intake. In other words consuming just 1200 calories a day (for example) will force your metabolism to slow wayyy down in an effort to conserve so it can match the 1200 calories of energy consumption.

You have the brilliance of biology to thank for that. Ya know... survival mechanisms built in for the longevity of our species?

So, then the obvious next step is to cut even more calories which takes you back to where we started… hence, dieting messes with your head… and emotions; “1200 calories isn’t good enough.”

[Tweet it]: The ultimate weight loss answer is simpler than you think.

It’s a revelation that I came to about 4 years ago at this point and has totally blown my mind and blew up everything I had come to know about the science of weight loss:

The answer lies in taking a look at what happens JUST BEFORE you want to go on a diet.

In other words, the biggest impact you will make in taking weight off and keeping it off in 2018 is to start with the thinking and emotions that put the notion that “dieting is the answer” into play.

The answer is changing your mindset. Bit by bit, as you uplevel your food choices and workout program to align with more supportive thinking, when you shift your mindset, you also keep the positive behaviors in play and therefore, your body responds and works in unison.

Bottom line: The cost of dieting in 2018 is far too expensive.

And I’m not even talking about the monetary cost - I am talking about the cost of your time, your emotional & mental well-being and ultimately your physical health. It’s taking a toll on every woman I know. It has done nothing but set them back, when the hope was that they would be propelled forward.

There are too many downsides to dieting for that to be your go-to answer any longer.

You are just one mindset shift away from creating the healthy habits that you know in your heart of hearts is what will bring you greater happiness & fulfillment in the long run.

Notice I did not say that losing 20 pounds will create the happiness & fulfillment.

It is in the discovery of your happiness & fulfillment that the 20-pound weight loss will come as the natural side effect.

Focus on healing your self-esteem & self-worth as your GOAL this year, and you’ll skip all that collateral damage from dieting and finally get what you want - a much richer life AND actually lose the weight!

The true leaders in this industry know too much to resume dieting as usual… and now, so do you!

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