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Weight Watchers has a new mission.

And as part of that mission, they are giving away free memberships to TEENS now.

Yup - you read that right.

Wtf is happening here?

I was wondering the same exact thing. So I break it down as we take a walk around my snow-covered neighborhood here, in episode 4. #WakeUpWeightWatchers

They put out a press release earlier this month where they stated their 3 main goals for the company and a few ways they plan on achieving those goals by 2020.

Their mission is to increase their membership to 10 million. It only makes sense that they would be giving teens a free pass to enter as a means to convert these youngsters later on in life as Weight Watchers projects ahead to the future of the company. #lifers

Here’s the thing. Weight Watchers is a diet. It is NOT a lifestyle. Make no bones about it.
Counting points is no different than counting calories. And, as I share in this week’s episode, Weight Watchers teaches “moderation” & “portion control” - that’s code for “restriction” & “deprivation”

If you want easy portion control, if you want to eat in moderation, work on your thinking & your belief systems, in other words, develop a healthy mindset so that these things become a natural side effect.

Here’s the biggest question of all:
Are you truly ok with signing up to be part of a group that you are forever identified with as someone who “watches your weight” for the remainder of your life?

Do you want to “watch your weight” at 60?

How about we watch our HEALTH?

I’m calling bullshit. #Timesup for these guys too.

Our generation knows too much about the ramifications of diet culture to allow our kids - future generations - to take part in that kind of mental, emotional & physical damage.

It’s no wonder you see how silly we can get behind the scenes here - I spent too many years taking that part of my life too damn seriously. It literally sucked the life right out of me.

And that is why the MissFits & my clients have become such important forces of inspiration in my life.

If anyone has taught me to lighten the fuck up, it’s one of our MissFits, Teresa. (who you will see, gives us a gift to aid in our efforts lol)

“Queen” Teresa returns to film a strength video with us after having broken her wrist before the holidays.

-----> Latest Strength workout released on the site February 20th: Cardio & Core Strength Sandwich

More laughter ensues as we continue our shenanigans at one of my favorite local lunch spots. I opted for the veggie burger

After conflicting schedules, the stars finally aligned and we got to exchange Christmas gifts! And…. Barbara’s gift to all of us takes the fucking cake - but only AFTER you know What The Fuck to Make for Dinner.

I have been working behind the scenes with one of our RealFitters, Sally Nelson of The Final Accent, to make custom bracelets for the MissFits. There is a charm to represent each unique personality of our group and I couldn’t have been more excited to present it to them.

BONUS: One of my RealFit clients gives us a new workout routine that focuses on core, glute & dancing for your next snow day. ? ? ?

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