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Dumbbells vs kettlebells: The big debate.

Listen, kettlebells are AWESOME training tools no doubt.

However, there are 3 problems I see with them if you are just starting out & don’t know if you should invest time or money into learning how to use them:

  1. Because the body movements with kettlebell training are dynamic, a lot can go wrong if you don’t have guidance from a professional IN PERSON. (& that’s coming from an online trainer who has a blind man following her workout VIDEOS!)
  2. Kettlebells are very difficult to store because they take up a lot of space and cannot be stacked. Not easy to slide under a bed or couch, for example.
  3. They are not as versatile as other strength equipment (like TRX or dumbbells)

Kettlebells have been around for a very long time and have been used by several different cultures in training athletes. They are a legit training tool. I am not arguing that.

However, when you are looking to build a home gym, it makes sense to use your workout space wisely and to invest in the select pieces of equipment that are super easy to get started with and will give you the best bang for your buck.

For these reasons, I recommend dumbbells because they are tried & true all the way thru.

In some instances dumbbells can mimic a kettlebell (I said SOME), but overall they have been using dumbbells in my own workouts & training clients since I first learned how to start lifting in the weight room in college (circa 1998).

To this day, I never run out of ideas to use and incorporate them in both my online workouts - whether that be kickboxing, HIIT training, spinterval style ride workouts (spinning with interval training off the bike), or obviously, straight up strength training - or my corporate wellness workouts when I do on-site personal & group training.

In this episode I share what I do for my corporate clients the first week of every month when it comes to helping them follow a solid fitness program. (what keeps them coming back for more!)

I design 4-week & 5-week programs as a way for my clients to get consistency and structure which inevitably leads to progression.

In other words, follow a particular 2-day (or 3-day) a week workout routine for a minimum of 4 weeks & you will get stronger and more confident.

In fact, in episode 6 I also share how we’ve had to invest in new equipment because that’s the “problem” ...You will outgrow the 8 pound & 10 pound dumbbells pretty fast when you get consistent with your training routine. (Hint: That’s a good problem to have)

Not to say you won’t use those lighter weights anymore… there are always exercises that challenge your body in different ways that can make you reach for the lighter ones when appropriate. That’s what I love about releasing new workouts on RealFit - I like to keep my members looking forward to new challenges 🙂

Speaking of new challenges, we have a super-fun & nostalgic ride for this month’s spin release: Epic 80’s Movie Night Ride featuring all the awesome tracks from the Breakfast Club, St Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller, Better Off Dead & of course, Dirty Dancing. It’s only out a couple days & our members are raving about it!

I am also totally stoked to bring in a YouTube star guest for the RealFit Yoga release this week too - Sean Vigue! If you don’t know Sean, he’s a total rockstar in the online fitness world.

He’s written 9 books and is powerhouse when it comes to teaching pilates & yoga. I am so excited to have him curate some super special content for the RealFit members this month. (more to come on that one for sure!)

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Post below… kettlebell or dumbbells? Which is your preference and why? If you DO use kettlebells, where did you learn to use them

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