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If you are afraid of carbs and fearful of eating fat, there is a secret you must know and I reveal it today in episode 8.

I just received my Hello Fresh delivery with 3 recipes that I would’ve avoided like the plague 5 years ago:

1) Pasta & cheese (need I say more?)
2) Burgers (with carby-brioche buns) &
3) Duck (too much FAT!)

How can I accept eating these things now & not gain weight like I did in the past?

How did I abolish my food fears and let go of the guilt that used to come with the mere THOUGHT of eating these foods?

Today I reveal the magic behind how I do this and how I teach my clients to take their power back over food in that very same method I used myself.

It’s proven & it works.

I say “magic”, but it’s not really magic at all… it’s more about what happens on the other side of releasing an illusion that the diet dogma holds over you and keeps the binge-restriction cycle alive in your life.

When you adopt the concept that food is food, not good or bad, and you are truly able to allow yourself to eat anything you want, what happens is MAGICAL.

You begin to realize all the “bad stuff” you craved and seemed to control you in the past no longer has its grip on you. You realize, “huh. I don’t even WANT that after all!”

Or… if you do want it, you certainly don’t need a whole box of it to satisfy you.

In fact, you may find that -like I talk about in this episode- you can take one or 2 pieces or bites & put the rest back in the cabinet.

It IS possible for you if you begin to explore this idea that the issue is NOT in the food.

The issue is in your THINKING about the food.

I understand that can be a bizarre concept to grapple with when you have spent your lifetime, and the women before you spent their lifetime, believing that certain foods are a woman’s enemy.

Could it be that we’ve had it all wrong?

...That it’s not the food that is the enemy, but the thoughts in our own minds about OURSELVES?

If you seek to heal your relationship with food and have a deep desire to end the struggle about your body and your weight, it’s time to work on your mindset. I am just the woman to take you step by step through the revolutionary mindset program that has proven to reset the diet, food & body image programming for myself & dozens of my clients.

You could be just ONE mindset shift away….

This is NOT a quick fix. This is a method with sustainable results that will allow you to have your cake & eat it too without packing on any pounds (or FEAR of packing on any pounds!) from this day forward!

Learn more here.

If however, you are so bold as to want to try fresh & exciting recipes that will inspire you to do more cooking and tantalize your palate (regardless of pasta, potatoes or buns) take $40 off your first delivery on me (in the US). I hope you enjoy it as much as Steve, Day ? & I do!

Just released on the site:
RealFit Strength ~ Bootilicious Slide & Glide Towel Workout

This 30 minute total body strength challenge was requested by a RealFitter and is set to some awesome tracks from Hip Hop chick icons from the 90’s. There is definitely a good set of challenges in these types of exercises, so having some songs to sing along to in the background can be just the distraction you need to get through.

If you are on a hard floor like tile or wood, you’ll need a pair of towels (like folded up dish towels)

If you are on carpet, you’ll need 2 pieces of cardboard (or paper plates).

Make sure, whichever you are using, they are big enough to fit the size of your foot.

The last few strength workouts have had elements of cardio & this one is no different - This one slides in the cardio at the half-way point.

We use some dumbbells to be sure we get in some bicep & tricep work, so have a pair for kickbacks (we work both arms at once) and a single, heavier weight for biceps.

7 exercises. 50 second intervals. 12 seconds to transition to next exercise.

Get the workout by becoming a FitPick subscriber or get full coaching & support by becoming a RealResults member today!

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