In the east we have Stairway to Heaven, a section of the Appalachian Trail, & in the west they have Devil’s Bridge in the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Steve & I can now say we’ve been to heaven & hell and lived to tell about it. ???

Seriously tho - walking Devil’s Bridge was scary AF.

There’s a interesting thing about perspective that really hit me after accomplishing this hike.

The view from across the way as we approached the bridge was enough to make your knees knock and immediately freeze you in your tracks if you are afraid of heights, even in the slightest. (Which is why our friend Bob said he would be the designated picture-taker on this one… “nah… guys. I’m good here, thanks.”)

However, once we hiked around to approach the walk across the narrow catwalk, the perspective changed and it felt wayyy less scary and far more “We got this.”

Why? Because from that vantage point, we couldn’t actually see the abrupt drop-off on either side of us.

It reminded me of when I walked the glass-bottom cantilever over the Grand Canyon a few years back with some friends when we played hookie for a day on our business convention.

I felt “safer” on the opaque sections where I couldn’t see through to the bottom of the canyon.

The reality is, whether the glass is opaque or see-through, the material remained the same. Sturdy, solid and engineered to be safe beneath our cloth booties.

Your mind tells a story based on what you can see… or NOT see.

In other words, your mind plays tricks on you. All. the. time.

If you have the perspective that carbs are bad and fat makes you fat, yet, there is a whole world of food science that tells a different story - one of nourishment and energy requirements for the body that provide you with a greater understanding which ultimately helps you make peace with your food.

Notice, the food itself does not change. Bread, pasta, french fries & ice cream all remain the same according to science.

It’s the perspective you gain ABOUT the food that changes.

More importantly, it’s the perspective you gain about YOURSELF.

Bread, pasta, french fries & ice cream are harmless to me now.

A few bites of penne, a serving here or there of fried calamari, and couple scoops of ice cream; all these things are no big deal because my belief is that they aren’t a big deal.

Years ago however, they WERE a big fucking deal.

And because my mind made them out to be, it accompanied a “fuck it” attitude and I usually didn’t stop at one serving.

This is why your current mindset is really the issue that blocks you from getting what you want in your life.

Your frame of mind - in other words, your perspective -  is what keeps you from making peace with the food habits that support you & adopting the exercise regimen that you look forward to.

These things require a shift in perspective that results in inspiring you to take action more easily than you ever thought possible in your current frame of mind.

Just released on the site:
RealFit HIIT: 20 minute Phit HIIT in Phoenix

It’s the last day of our long weekend in Arizona & while our friends Bob & Meagan are back to work, I took some time to film a no-equipment workout in their backyard just before I met RealResults member Lori Reidel for lunch.

This 20 minute bodyweight workout can be downloaded to your device in case you want a video to follow when you travel, without needing wifi.

You can also play any music you’d like! I chose to just enjoy the outdoors for this one.

40 seconds on, 10 off for 3 rounds = 15 minutes

  1. Shuffle
  2. Side-Walk Push Ups
  3. Pendulum Lunge R
  4. Pendulum Lunge L
  5. Walk Out Half Burpees
  6. Crab Crunches

Remember, the moves can be more intense if you work on the speed & the depth. These are 2 things that can boost the intensity when you don’t have extra equipment for props.

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