So.... Last I checked, it was not 3.... 2..... 1.... "Weight Loss New Year!"
[HHHHAAAAAA..... & the crowd goes wild!]

dear lord. that's one way to suck all of the fun right out of it.

Maybe that's why it's 3.... 2..... 1.... "HAPPY New Year!"

Wow. What a different life you would lead if you focused on what makes you HAPPY, right?

Things like...

Feeling good - You never get sick.
Feeling confident - You can take on anything that comes your way.
Feeling secure - Your stance in the world is strong.

I don't have a new year's resolution. Maybe you knew that already.

I do however have a focus on "blissipline: the art of keeping yourself happy."
I made a list of things 10 things (there are more) that support this art form for me, in no particular order.

1. Yoga
2. Meditation
3. Working out
4. Riding my motorcycle along side my husband on a beautiful day
5. Sleep 🙂
6. Doing kid-like things (especially with my neices & nephew) - Swinging on swings & coloring in coloring books
7. Eating whole, non-GMO foods (& chocolate chip cookies!)
8. Serving my fitness community (that means YOU!)
9. Spending quality time with my husband, my friends & my family
10. Personal development: Reading, listening to audio books & podcasts








When I focus on blissipline, & do the things above that are in alignment with that, here is some of what happens as a result:

1. I have a better handle on stress
2. I feel less resentful
3. I feel good about my body - my weight is a non-issue
4. I am more patient
5. I am more considerate to myself & others
6. I feel rich in life's experiences
7. I have more confidence
8. I know when to say "yes" & "no"
9. The relationships in my life are more meaningful.
10. I experience less guilt.

Working out is a huge part of supporting my happiness. It gives me confidence, balances my weight naturally, gives me physical & mental strength, it boosts my immune system, it helps me look & feel younger, it helps me keep my hormones in balance.

Whattya say to living a HAPPY New Year like you MEAN IT!??

Make a list of your top 10 & post it where you can see it every day. 🙂

Thank you for contributing to MY happiness over the last year. I would love to  return the favor & contribute to yours in 2016!

Thought you'd appreciate a bit of happiness, hope & inspiration... One of our members posted this earlier in the week:
"I enjoyed this Christmas. I indulged a bit in some rich food and the odd drink but I exercised as normal and I didn't stuff my face or feel ill. I haven't put any weight on and there's no need for diets and detoxes.  
I have just gone back to my normal eating pattern. Thanks for the sanity Dana Lee!"

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