Body love.

It's such a hot topic & buzz word these days.

But, seriously, what the HELL does it even mean?

If the idea of "loving your bod" seems airy-fairy & totally out there, like IMpossible for you to do in this lifetime & therefore makes you cringe, then I have a video series for you that is worth the watch (in case you missed my email on Tuesday)

It's not someone ELSE's idea of loving what is....

It's YOUR idea.

You define what badass - or er... body love - looks like & feels like to YOU. That's really all that matters. (even if you don't believe that right now)

And that is why I love this quote by the brilliant Byron Katie ~









Now if that doesn't hit the nail on the head, I don't know what does.

So, here's how to work on your thinking ~

Watch video #1 in the Rock Your Body online class.

You'll want to download the sheet that goes along with it because your progress is made in the work... although, Summer makes the work feel like play... which is perfect for a Friday. 🙂

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