Oprah bought 10% of Weight Watchers last week.

I don’t know if it’s actually that Oprah “bought into” Weight Watchers OR if it’s really Weight Watchers that “bought into” Oprah.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am not a fan of Weight Watchers.

Truth? It’s an archaic method of weight loss.

So, stop telling me the shit works.

If it did, why is it everywhere I go I STILL hear at least one person say “I really need to GET BACK ON Weight Watchers. That really worked for me.”

Ummm…. are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

If it worked, there would be no more “getting back on.”


(I mean, I broke free from the grapples of dieting & there is no “off” & “on” for me. It’s a mindset shift that changed my lifestyle & changed my body for a happily-ever-after for GOOD!)

I’ve seen Oprah in person 3 times in my life. So, I guess you can say I’m a fan.

When I heard that Oprah bought 10% of a weight loss company who in my view is perpetuating a big part of our problems (a.k.a. diet & food obsession), you might be surprised at what I really think about it.

& although Oprah tweeted:
I believe in the @weightwatchers program so much I decided to invest, join the Board, and partner in #wwfamily evolution.”

Well, of course she’s going to play nice in the sandbox. I think it’s part of her strategy…. Watch my video to see where I’m predicting she’s going with this.

It’s time we stop counting calories & points & instead, we count what matters in our lives.

What do YOU think? Comment under this blog. Do you agree? Disagree? Other ideas/predictions?

It’s not too late to start the 10 Day Mind Body Fitness Challenge. In fact, if you are thinking “yeah, but it’s not a Monday.” May THAT be part of your challenge!!! Let TODAY be a day that you do something different. Go against the grain. Yes, there is a workout video, but really the challenge is about LEARNING. Learning about your own habits. What makes you tick. & that my friend, can be done every single day of your life. Take action TODAY!

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