For YEARS I was stuck between fear of failure AND... fear of success.

I know what you are thinking... "what? that's not the Dana Lee that I know."

You're right. I worked my ass off (literally & figuratively) to get past that torturous mental tug of war that I created for myself.

And of course, the type-A personality that I am, said "I got this. I don't need anyone's help."

Because I tried to do it alone, I was caught in the cycle for YEARS!

These 2 beliefs were all based on 2 different stories I made up when I was younger that stayed with me all the way through my early 30's. (that's over half my life that I thought I could figure it out on my own.)

Stories that weren't even true. Even though I bought into them and made them true - I lived by them like gospel.

Fear of failure created the part of me that wanted to workout 3 hours a day & be 18% body fat perfect.

Fear of success created the part of me that would binge eat to sabotage my workout results.

I thought if I could “just find the right diet.”

…”if  could just workout HARDER.”

Do you relate?

It wasn't until I recognized what story & belief was fueling the compulsion to reach for more ice cream, cookies in the cabinet or a second helping of something I don't even LIKE, no matter what diet I followed, was I able to solve this compulsion from within for good.

So my message to you on this Tuesday is this:

I know that there is your own inner resistance you are battling every. damn. day. It's f-ing exhausting. Food. Your weight. The scale. Your workout.

Maybe you've just gotten so used to it that it feels normal in the abnormal.

Either way, 2015 is coming to a close & I must ask you… what are you going to do different NOW that will get you

If you want to stop beating yourself up, have a friend to rely on, break through your inner tug-of-war and finally unleash the fearless, badass within, join me here & let's do this together.



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