Ok, fess up... how are you with patience?

I've had to exercise patience through the last couple of months as I juggle our workout schedule with where & when our videos can be filmed. There are so many parameters for filming, that every once in awhile I just need to stop & take a deep breath & realize I am doing the best I can with what I've got until I have all those details running smoothly in our new space.

So, today is an update with some progress pics & of course sharing the 2 new RealResults workouts of the week below: Marching Step Pyramid + Off The Wall HIIT.

Speaking of walls..... Our new studio walls are getting another coat of paint. Crimson Red for the entry way, Royal Plum for my office, Cowboy Boots for the hallway, & Tea Light for the fitness studio. These colors totally inspire me. They are rich & fun & I just love them.


Half the flooring is in (the footprints are proof that the workers are still working).


The fitness floor is going in over this week. (My husband & I are putting in some elbow grease for that one which will be a workout & a half!) & Final inspections are set for next week.

I am really looking forward to this next stage with RealFit.tv. Our original studio space was designed for a full service gym & I spent the last couple years trying to make an online business work with a space that no longer suited our needs. It became more of a burden than I'd like to admit. The good thing is, we learned so much about what works & what doesn't work and why. So, we took that expertise & we are bringing it into the new design.

My patience was tested there too. & sometimes you need to be pushed to the edge of putting up with enough shit that you say, "That's IT." & you do something about it.

That's what happened with me before I opened my gym too. I was no longer going to complain about the gyms I worked in. I decided to do something about it.

Where are you putting up with things in your life that are simply not working for you? How much are you complaining in your life? How far will you be pushed to the point of "That's IT." & just like that, you wave the magic wand & suddenly you are less scared to do something different. In fact, when you realize that it's YOUR responsibility (no one else's), you are also given the power to improve that exact situation.

Nothing else in the situation has to change except YOUR DECISION.

When it comes from your inner being, the follow-through on what you have decided to release in your life becomes much easier than you make it out to be. Things will start to open & fall into place for you if you allow it to.

Whether it be your health, your job, a relationship. YOU DECIDE.

I bet you can look back in your own life for the proof when you had made a whole-hearted decision on something.... What happened after the fact?

A decision to get married. A decision to buy a house. A decision to workout. A decision to get less obsessive about your workouts & your food. A decision that your happiness is important. A decision to have kids. A decision to move on to a new job. A decision to join RealResults. (hehe... I could't resist sharing that option for you too!)

Yup... like magic, right? If it wasn't like magic, I challenge you to look back & see you if truly owned your decision or if it was wish-washy.

AND... it's important to not confuse "wanting" with "making a decision."

You can WANT to lose weight. You can WANT to leave your job. Deciding to lose weight, DECIDING to leave your job - is a whole 'nother ball game.

Want to share your new bold, whole-hearted decision with me? Post a comment below:


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