Frequently Asked Questions

I'm calorie and workout obsessed. Do you have a program to get me out of this diet cycle?

Yes! The RealFit Mindset Course is an online go-at-your-own-pace program specifically to help women who are obsessed about food, struggling with weight loss, over-exercising and never feeling like what they do is ever good enough. Finally break through the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to create your ultimate freedom formula when it comes to food and fitness. Go from food obsessed to body blessed in as little as 90 days with Dana Lee guiding you through every step of the way.

I'm a self-sufficient exerciser. I just want some kick-butt workouts. How do I get them?

Sounds like FitPicks is the option for you. Mix and Match your favorite workouts with our RealFit FitPicks. Whether you love Kickboxing, Spin, Strength, HIIT, or Yoga; Pick one category to start, then add on any other category as a smart way to customize your own fitness program that goes month-to-month designed specifically for women to train in the most effective, fat-burning, confidence-boosting way possible.

I want to work out, but it's all a bit confusing & I need more support. Do you have a membership option for me?

Yes! RealResults is a group coaching program specifically to help women in their 30's & 40's ease up on themselves and enjoy the process of getting healthy & fit without being perfect, over-training or going to a gym. Finally live in a body that you feel good about! Learn how the nutrition, fitness & mindset components work together in your favor with the support of an expert coach & a rock-solid community.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We offer 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services, simply submit a request through our "Contact Us" page stating you would like a refund before your next payment goes through and we will take care of the rest. We want our subscribers to be happy and get what they need out of our fitness programs.

I have purchased programs in the past and would now like to upgrade to the RealResults membership. How do I do that?
I have just upgraded to the RealResults level of membership. What is included?

Click here to check out all the good stuff you get as a RealResults member .

I am having trouble viewing the RealResults videos. There is a black box, but the video isn't playing. What is going on here?

The most common causes of this issue have to do with your internet connection, computer speed, running other programs simultaneously and the browser you are using. 

If you press play and see a blue bar on the bottom of the video, then it is loading. It may take several minutes to load, sometimes playing only after fully loaded, depending on the browser you are using. You may want to try a different browser and see if it loads quicker.

Here are a few things you can also try to resolve the problem: Log out of and back in again- sometimes it just needs to be reminded who's in charge. If that doesn't work, you can try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or another) you may have better luck with one of those. Also check your browser settings. You may be able to make some changes there allowing the video to begin playing before the entire video is loaded. You can also try closing other programs that are running or restarting your computer.

If you are still experiencing issues, please submit a form on our "Contact Us" page.

I just signed up, but I can't access my goods. How do I fix this?

When you purchased you should have recieved an email that contains your username and password.  That info is what you need to get into the site and gain access to your programs.

If you were a previous purchaser (after October 2016), you will use the same username and password as before to access your programs.

If that doesn't work, please submit a form on our "Contact Us" page. One of our team members will resolve the issue for you as soon as possible.

I have a question, problem, suggestion or billing issue. Who can I contact?

Click here to submit a form through our "Contact Us" page. You will receive a reply within 3 business days. If you do not receive a reply, please resubmit the form.

I want to cancel my membership. How do I do that?

Click here to submit a cancellation. Please submit your membership cancellation at least 1 week (7 days) prior to your billing date. Cancellations may take up to 48 hours after submission of the form to be processed. Please be proactive in remembering your billing date.

I just submitted my cancellation. How do I know that it has been processed?

You will receive a confirmation email from us once your cancellation has been processed. Please reach out to our team if you do not receive an email within 7 days.

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