On the wagon.
Off the wagon.

What is it about working out that makes us think of them in such extremes?


I'm talking food habits too.
aka: dieting

What if today you started seeing the areas in between - the grey areas - as the most colorful? The place where your answer lies?

That the HAPPY-medium is really where YOUR HAPPY IS AT?

If you have "fallen off the wagon" & feel like you have no motivation & don't know what's going on, then this video is for you.

In fact, I was so inspired to help solve for the beating-yurself-up-why-can't-I-get-motivated that I rolled out a program that focuses on PROGRESS not PERFECTION for this exact reason.

& I am pretty proud of this 9 week Total Package Workout Series to be honest.

It's 35 minutes per 3-part session. Not 45 minutes. Not 60 minutes.

Even shorter if you take out the cardio drills.

Which makes it ridiculously doable. Attainable. & PROGRESSIVE! So you feel better, look better & function better in no time at all.

It helps you switch gears in your head so you learn how to approach your workout time. That your workouts are FUN. This is something you do to take care of YOU. & that it's an investment in keeping yourself SANE in the otherwise crazy world we live in.

Watch the 6 things you need to know about the program right here:

What are you waiting for? This program is FREE when you join RealResults today. & as always, you can feel confident joining because of the 100% 30-day money back guarantee. That's right. Do this 9 week program for 4 full weeks with confidence that you can get your monty back if you're not satisfied. Nothing to lose but obsession, "on/off the wagon" thinking and beating yourself up!

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