Plank is one of those “core” exercises that extend far beyond your ab muscles.

In other words, I use plank in my workouts on a regular basis because it’s one of the foundational moves that indicates the progression of overall fitness.

When setting up a plank position, it’s important to start with the basics of joint alignment so you have a solid chance at achieving a 60-second hold or longer. Total body strength and conditioning can be determined by how long you can hold your plank…. In proper form, of course.

Here’s how to set it up so you get the most out of it:

  1. Start in a table position, kneeling on the floor. That means your hands are directly under your shoulders (arms are parallel to one another) and your knees are under your hips (which means you’ll have about a fist-distance between your knees.)
  2. Be sure your shoulders are lined up with the crease in your wrist. If they are too far forward, you put undue pressure on your wrist joint, which makes holding plank way more challenging.
  3. Spread your fingers as wide as you can & aim your pointer finger straight ahead.
  4. Bring the “eyes” of your elbows forward. This is the inner part of your elbow. By doing this, your shoulder blades will engage on your upper back & create more space for your neck.
  5. Draw your lower ribs in. This will fire up your ab muscles.
  6. Keeping your hips exactly where they are in space - do not lift them or drop them as you extend one foot out then the other. Your hips stay right in line with your shoulders as if you were still in that table position.
  7. Activate a "lifting" feeling. Push the floor away with your hands, keep your lower ribs tucked in & wiggle the balls of your feet back so they are directly under your heels.
  8. Breathe steady - in through your nose & out through your nose.

Holding 3 solid minutes of plank is an excellent indicator that your arms, core & leg muscles are strong. Your arms need to hold you up, your abs need to work to keep your hips lifted (in line with shoulders) & your quads need to be engaged to hold your legs straight.

Drop & gimme PLANK! How long can you hold it? Post below!

It’s one thing to know these tips ahead of time, it’s another to receive the coaching throughout your workout as you are doing it - especially as you fatigue your form begins to suffer. Uplevel your workouts with fine-tuned instruction and attention to details so plank isn’t the only exercise you master with confidence and control.

RealFit Kick & Box: Mama Said KNOCK YOU OUT!

YEAH!!! This is the first video filmed in our new studio space!

For this kickboxing number, all you need is some floor space & a mat.

Today's workout goes like this:
• Warm Up
• Upper Body Tabata Set ~ Plank to Push Up (20/10) + Body Dips (20/10)
• Kickboxing with the Right Lead
• Lower Body Tabata Set ~ Front Power Kick R (20/10) + Front Power Kick L (20/10)
• Kickboxing with the Left Lead
• Core Tabata Set ~ Single Leg V-up (20/10) + Gliding Hover (20/10)
• Cool Down & Stretch

You have 2 options for this one:
1. 45 minute workout - Just take out the 3 sets of Tabata
2. 60 minute workout - Do the whole thing!

Fill up your water bottle & let's knock it out!

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