As you may know, there are 2 main types of push ups: Chest push ups & Tricep push ups.

Since we went over the details of a tricep push up in last week’s tip, let’s change the hand position a bit to focus on the chest muscles.

  1. Start with a solid plank position with the hands under the shoulders.
  2. Then take your hand position wider, at least a hands-distance to the right & to the left .
  3. As you bend the elbows & lower down, the elbows should be mostly over the wrists at the bottom of the move.
  4. Keep your hands in line with your chest throughout the entire phase of the repetition.
  5. Keep the back of your neck long by focusing your eyes on the floor between your fingertips. Your head should not droop, nor should you be looking up - either of these positions can strain the neck.

Most women I start training have told me that they can’t do push ups. I say nay! Honestly, the biggest issue is setting them up with proper joint alignment so you have a chance at doing them successfully.

When the joint alignment is off, you have zero power & strength.

Get this set up a try & post below - how did you do?

Remember, doing these on the toes is the most difficult.
Easier: Knees to the floor is the next modification.
Easiest: Knees under the hips with your ass in the air takes the pressure off the arms & uses the legs for support.

The best way to improve your chest push ups is to do them REALTIME with me & the MissFits! Rather than taking this tip & trying it without me, join in on the fun and I’ll coach you through the whole process.

RealFit Kick & Box: Master The Moves! Heart Pump No Jump Workout

There are just some days your joints need a break... & these workouts prove that you don’t have to jump around & add all sorts of impact to get a sound, solid & effective workout. In fact, sometimes taking the bounce out, makes you work even harder because you use less momentum & more power, strength & focus.

This kickboxing challenge keeps it to the basics – jab, cross, hook & upper cut & then front kick, back kick, side kick & roundhouses, so it’s a complete kickboxing challenge to do again & again to refine your punches & improve coordination through your kicks. I throw in push ups & some plank work for good measure.

Not even jumping jacks in this one! *gasp!*

It’s 45 minutes, so give it your all! Focus on mastering the moves & throw those punches & kicks with gusto!

Here's what some RealFitters had to say about Master The Moves! Heart Pump No Jump Workout:

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