In case you haven’t thought much about your grip strength, it’s a vital component of your overall health & fitness. Think about opening jars, or even holding a cup of coffee as you get older. Include this in your workouts NOW & you’ll never have to worry about that stuff.

In other words, just as you’d work any other muscle group, you’d also want to include your hands.

It’s simple to do.

  1. Be honest with the weight that you can lift! Just merely holding onto dumbbells & barbells at the edge of your current fitness level will impact the muscles in your hands & forearms accordingly.
  2. The main tool I recommend is called Gripsling. They are 2 straps made of firehose material that allow you to grip your hands while working on pull ups. Check out why this made my Holiday Gift Guide for 2017.
  3. The second tool I recommend is TRX (which is a suspension trainer) because you are holding onto handles as you work through various body weight exercises.  Check out why this made my Holiday Gift Guide for 2017.

Are you thinking about your grip strength currently in your workout routine? If your hands get tired before your back muscles do (for example) then that’s GOOD! That means you are challenging your grip. Keep at it! Keep picking up weights that are on the edge of “I can handle this.”

The best way to improve your grip is to lift weights &/or TRX with me & the MissFits REALTIME! Rather than taking this tip & trying it without me, join in on the fun and I’ll coach you through the whole process. I promise you, home workouts legit get you strong! Including your grip.


TRX Total Body Toughie

Thank you Julie Catalasan for requesting another TRX workout! I haven’t done one in awhile and with our new TRX/pull-up mount in the new studio (thanks to Steve!), I couldn’t wait to put it to good use. hehe.

This is called TOUGHIE for a good reason. We add in some plyo moves which is not typical for our Strong & Sleek workouts, but what the hell, why not this time? After all, it’s good to have options. 🙂

Fill up that water bottle & take sips between sets - I was dripping with this one!

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