Now you know the 2 main types of push ups, Chest push ups & Tricep push ups, it’s time to take a look at how to advance each move so you go from knees to toes in no time flat.

Basically, the more level you are with the floor (with gravity) the more difficult the move. So the best thing to do is begin with an elevated surface in front of you.

  1. The higher the surface in front of you - counter-top, smith machine bar, table-top - the easier the push up is going to be for you.
  2. As you are able to do a complete set of 10 reps on your toes, take the next phase to a lower surface.
  3. Continue to move to a lower surface until you are able to perform them on the floor.
  4. If you aren’t confident on the toes on the floor just yet, lower the knees to the floor for support & keep practicing!

The only way to get better at your push ups is to do them. I always recommend starting the set on your toes, THEN going to your knees. This way, your muscles are fresh and you can be more attentive to your form.

The best way to improve your push ups is to do them REALTIME with me & the MissFits! Rather than taking this tip & trying it without me, join in on the fun and I’ll coach you through the whole process.

RealFit Mash Ups: Fall Fitness Mash Up

You have Briannah to thank for requesting this awesomely challenging fitness mash up just in time for fall…. Backed up with some fun pop music to boot. Be sure to give her a shout out under this video! Briannah is the daughter of another RealFitter, Lisandra! Love the mother-daughter workout teams. Xoxo

The mash ups are some of the MOST requested workouts on our site & I totally understand why - they have a bit of everything to keep you on your toes, looking forward to the next block of work & leaving you feeling complete with a total body workout, strength, cardio, & stretch included!

Here’s today’s run-down.

You’ll want a set of dumbbells (I use 15’s, Lara & Teresa fight over the 12’s & Barbara goes uber light staying mindful of healing her shoulder.

8 minute warm up
4 minutes of strength:
    1. Push ups
    2. Dips
    3. Kayak
    4. Reverse Flys
10 minutes of step
4 minutes of strength - set #2
10 minutes of kickboxing
4 minutes of strength - set #3
12 minutes of yoga stretching

Here's what some RealFitters had to say about Fall Fitness Mash Up:

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