Squats & Lunges. Lunges & Squats. Last week was on lunging.... it's only fair this week we talk squats.

More specifically, the alignment of your joints as you move through the full range of your squat.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. There may be a slight turn out of your toes - that's ok. That natural position is dictated by your hips.

2. As you sit back, keep your knees pointing in the direction of the toes. Knees collapsing in or popping out mean there is some strengthening (or stretching) that needs to be done with the hips. (Inner thigh & gluteus medius in particular)

3. As you lower down, go as low as you can while maintaining your heels flat on the floor. If you are lowering down so far that your heels pop off, you've gone too far. Keep working your range of motion while keeping your heels grounded and you will be a squatting powerhouse!

4. As you sit back, tuck your tailbone under slightly to engage the abs. This will support your lower back and keep it safe.

ok, you're up! Take these tips to your next workout & let me know how they've helped you.

Of course, if this is too much to remember on your own, join me in the member's area where I coach you on proper form in ALL that we do together in our workouts. #fitnessandmindsetcoach

Here is an awesome workout from our RealFit Strength archives that will help you master proper squat form:

RealFit HIIT: HIIT it Like a Hurricane

This workout is super special because it features 3 RealFitters who traveled from afar to visit RealFit.tv for the weekend! Christina Farmer from Virginia, Joanne Keen from Ontario & Robin Dunnigan from Maryland. We had a jam-pack, fun-filled time & of course, I HAD to get them in on filming a workout! I wasn’t going to let ‘em off THAT easy 😉

This theme came from a mix of requests - some kickboxing style moves, but not getting too fancy. Something to represent New Jersey since they came all this way (boxing inspired by Rubin “the hurricane” Carter who was born in Clifton, NJ only a few towns over from us). And some rockin’ kick-ass tunes to keep everyone fired up & well, rockin’ like a hurricane!

Here's what some RealFitters had to say:

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