There are 2 main types of push ups: Chest push ups & Tricep pushups.

There are many, many variations on the two (did you catch my #22kill push up challenge last year on facebook & instagram to raise awareness about PTSD & veteran suicides? Perhaps you participated! Yes - I chose to do 22 variations… but there are actually way MORE... along with the 22 reps per day)

Since we built the plank foundation in last week’s fit tip, we are already set up for tricep push ups.

  1. Start with a solid plank position with the hands under the shoulders.
  2. Grip the floor with your hands as you bend the elbows & move forward with the chest towards the floor.
  3. The elbows should be over the wrists at the bottom of the move AND hugging into the ribcage. This is referred to as chaturanga in yoga.
  4. You’ll notice that you’ll roll over your tippy toes as you lower down.
  5. Press your entire hand into the floor & keep the lift of your hips as you press to the top, back into the starting plank position.

This type of push up is extremely difficult because the triceps are a much smaller muscle group than the chest, which is executed in most variations of a push up.

Give ‘em a shot & don’t be so hard on yourself if you have a tough time with these suckers.

Remember, doing these on the toes is the most difficult.
Easier: Knees to the floor is the next modification.
Easiest: Knees under the hips with your ass in the air takes the pressure off the arms & uses the legs for support.

The best way to improve your tricep push ups is to do them REALTIME with me & the MissFits! Rather than taking this tip & trying it without me, join in on the fun and I’ll coach you through the whole process.

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