It's very common to have wrist issues these days. Long hours on computers and smartphones can do you in!

Fear not, there are couple things you can do to build that wrist strength up, but it takes conscious awareness & perhaps breaking a couple habits that aren't helping.

This video is making the assumption that you already strength train on a regular basis. After all, lifting weights builds muscle strength and also equates to bone & joint strength too.  ?

  1. When you strength train, hold your dumbbell with your thumb on the same side as your grip. I know it may feel awkward at first, but this position straightens out your wrist more-so than the usual grip with your thumb wrapped around the other side. If I can do it with a 25 pound dumbbell (sometimes more), you can do it too. ?
  2. Hold the dumbbell in your palms, not your fingers. Letting it rest in your fingers means it is very easy for that wrist to curl forward & flip back. That situation will not help you my friend. Wrist flipping back & forth means more repetitive movement and with weight in your hand, way more stress & strain.

Ok, you're up! Try these suckers out & let me know how your wrist feels.

I coach on proper grip & preventative measures in every workout video because it matters to me that your joints stay healthy and strong for as long as possible!

Here is an awesome workout from our Spinterval archives that incorporates effective dumbbell training with the fun cardio-component of spin:

Damsels & Dumbbells (40 Minute Ride)

It’s the best of both worlds; pedaling your heart out to awesome tunes & then sneaking in the challenge of building muscle which stokes the metabolism & strengthens the bones in a way that spin alone can never do.



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