Working off the belly is always a hot topic for the new year.

And believe me, I can do a whole DAY of teaching on this topic - all of which is included in the RealResults member’s area - but for today, I keep it to under 60 seconds so you can better understand the basic foundation that gets skipped right over in classic “ab work.” In under a minute you will still learn the main things that you must take into consideration if you really want to feel better about your mid-section.

Let’s start here:
Did you know there are 3 body tissues that play a major role in your “core”?


Muscle is the driver of energy in the body. The main focus is building strength. Not only because it assists in your body utilizing more body fat for fuel, but also because your spine health is vital. You want to keep it as strong as possible, for as long as possible.

Fat tissue lays over your muscle. You have a designated number of fat cells in your body. They grow & shrink. Muscle assists in shrinking them. They don’t just go away or dissolve without an external force making that happen. (much more on this - but maybe another day ;-))

Fascia is how everything in the body is connected. It plays a role in how your body holds onto fat as well as how tight, strong or flexible your muscles are. It’s an extremely misunderstood tissue in the body that is far too neglected & glossed over. (again, more of this in the member’s area or possibly in a future video) believe me when I say, fascia is a big friggin deal!

Now that you know the 3 basic tissues involved, you now may be able to see why cardio exercise alone “for calorie burn” is not all it’s cracked up to be since building muscle is the number one driving force in how your body best uses energy (fat).

The next thing for you to know is that overtraining one area of the body can get you into serious trouble.

Working your abs alone is one of the biggest mistakes people make because it affects your lower back, your hip joints and your overall posture in a negative way. AND it doesn’t bring you what you want it to… flat abs.

That is why every core routine must include these 4 things:

  1. Training for your abdominals by flexing your body.
  2. Training for your lower back by extending your body.
  3. Training for your obliques by twisting & turning.
  4. Training for all 3 by bending right & left.

Does your regular workout routine include strength training? Does it involve all the ways I am recommending to train your core muscles?

I make it a NO BRAINER in RealResults because I build in the balanced core conditioning so you don’t need to worry about it. That’s what I’m here for as your fearless leader. Whether we lift, we are kickboxing or doing a HIIT workout together, your core muscles get their fix while you improve your posture and feel better & better about your body by training smarter! Retrain your thinking. Rethink your training. Join now!

Realfit Strength: Thigh Master Ab Blaster Workout

I was inspired to design a workout that reminded us of those crazy infomercial purchases we’ve been sucked into over the years - hahaha... the thigh master? the ab roller? - and that when it comes down to it, all these years later, good ‘ol dumbbells & bodyweight still remain an amazing solution! No need to invest in any gimmicky workout gear. Keep it simple & leave the creativity to ME! 🙂

My buddy Aimee joins me & Barb for this killer!

I use a set of 15’s & have a 10 for the Ab exercise, #7. Aimee & Barb go a notch lighter. Who needs a thigh master when you have RealFit?! 🙂 xo

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