This summer has been all about fun for me & honestly, it's about damn time.

(Now, I'm not sharing this stuff with you to be all braggy-miss-braggard. Oh, no. Keep reading & you'll find out the truth.)

I had a blast hiking, whale-watching, lobster-eating & sitting fireside making smores with the fam for an entire week in Maine. It was pure awesomeness.

& then over the weekend my fam & I went down to Brigantine Beach to see my brother's new shore house, aka "Happy Chappy's Surf Shack."

Here's a cute shot of me & Amanda hanging at the beach.

Beaching Sisters

It was -yup- a SECOND, unplugged week-long vacation this summer followed up with a beach weekend with the fam.


Here's the truth.

The old me would have been ashamed of that. Taking "too much time off" of work. As if it were a badge of honor to work so hard & so damn much.

I guess that's why it took Steve & I until this year to actually make it happen.

Up until very recently, I looked down on myself if I took time off. I honestly did't feel worthy of it. I just didn't deserve to take time away from my work (or my workouts for that matter). I had too much that needed to be done & well, I was the one to do it! (do it RIGHT, anyway.)

Clearly, that has changed. & some of it has to do with the video I shared with you a couple weeks ago on how I to feel better about yourself. Many of those concepts helped me build up my self-worth. And, with that came taking greater responsibility for my own happiness.

The idea that happiness is a choice I could make TODAY in the process of achieving my goals, was beyond my comprehension for a very long time.

I'll be happy when I reach 18% body fat.

I'll be happy once I finally get my degree.

I'll be happy after we close on our first house.

I'll be happy when I can leave this "cushy" job & just my open my gym already.

I'll be happy once I can GTFO of the gym industry & launch my website.

hahaha.... ok, ok. You get the idea.

Honestly, I didn't see how putting happiness at the forefront had anything to do with losing weight or eating right. Until now.
Getting a good dose of happy TODAY & weight loss comes so much easier & is a way more enjoyable process.

Hung up on waiting for your ideal bod to be happy?

What if it were the other way around & being HAPPY actually brought you your ideal bod?
Post under the blog & let me know what you appreciate about where you are and who you are TODAY. That's the easiest start to bring on the happiness in your life & practice the discipline of "blissipline."

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