I’m hearing this A LOT lately: “Ugh! I can’t seem to get back into my workout routine!”

Whether it’s because your kids are home for summer vacation, or you just don’t feel like it because summer equates to perpetual vacation, here’s the thing….

We get stuck in looking at small snapshots of time & label it as “I fell off the workout wagon & I can’t seem to get back on.”

What if part of our problem is that we are looking at too narrow of a window of time?

Rather than week to week, or month to month, what if we look at season to season as different chapters in our lives that demand different priorities? & what if…. JUST WHAT IF… that was OK?

Fight against your resistance to workout & you’ll only get more resistance which leads to feeling bad about yourself.

That’s not very motivating & it’s also not helpful at all.

Don’t believe me? Ok... Then, how’s that been working for you?

Look at what summer brings that you cannot take advantage of any other time of year… what if… WHAT IF enjoying summer is part of balancing your mental & emotional health and that is filling in the missing pieces to your health puzzle?

You can have it all, just not all at once… so enjoy the season you are in TODAY!


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