This one is from me & my back up girls. These amazing women are really the ones in the spotlight - not me - truly they steal the show! Amanda, Teresa, Eileen, Barbara, & Lara. The girls who have my back in more ways than one. & here they are to wish you a Very Merry & a Holly Jolly!

These RealFit ladies crack us all up not just in a JibJab e-card, but for reelz!

& by that I mean, on camera filming kick, step, HIIT, strength & ride & well…. anything else I throw at them. They are game! & They are the real deal. They show up & when I hit record, nothing is scripted. Nothing rehearsed. I design the workouts & they just follow along & bring their smiles, antics & shenanigans to keep our RealResults members entertained.

Keep your eyes peeled for YOU to get in on the laughter & antics too!!! This special limited time offer will start next Monday (Dec 28th).

In the meantime, we all hope you have an amazing holiday with your friends & family ~ Enjoy every moment, footloose & fancy free. 😉


~ Dana Lee


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