HIIT Thank You

Thank You Page Shortcodes

You can use the following shortcodes inside your thank you page:

[wlar_username] - Display the Auto-generated username  [wlar_username]

[wlar_firstname] - Display the member’s first name

[wlar_lastname] - Display the member’s last name

[wlar_password] - Display the Auto-generated password

[wlar_email] - Display the member’s email address

[wlar_levelname] - Display the level’s name the member currently registered or upgraded to

[wlar_receipt] - Display the receipt number

[wlar_action] - Displays a 'Your membership been upgraded' or 'You have registered as a new user' message (text can be edited inside the “language” file of the plugin)

Special Messages Shortcodes

[wlar_new_member]Content here[/wlar_new_member] - A text message you can display to new members

[wlar_member_upgraded] Content here[/wlar_member_upgraded] - A Text message you can display to upgrading members

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