Steve & I just had a total kick-ass week in Bar Harbor with my sister & her fam.

If you have never been to Acadia National Park in Maine, get out your pen & add it to your bucket list, like NOW!

If you follow me on instagram (@danaleerealfit) you might have seen a couple fun videos I did of our hike to the top of Dorr Mountain & Cadillac Mountain.

The views were breathtaking - I'm sure that goes without saying. But, wow!

And what struck me most was the fact that even though it was a super challenging - we did 3 miles up to 1500 feet & back down in 3.5 hours - I felt pretty dang awesome in the process.

AND more importantly, I wasn't broken after the fact.

It got me thinkin'....

Can you answer a big HELL YEAH to this one???


Sure, I want to look good, just like you do.

But, the driving force behind all of my RealResults training is to FEEL good.

When you feel good, it's inevitable that you look good. That's how it works. Feeling good pulls out your "happy" & being happy is VERY attractive. 😉

Never miss an opportunity to live full out! To be willing & able to say YES to adventures!

What's the last adventure you said YES to & felt AWESOME in the process???
Comment here below the video - I love to hear your side of the story. 😉

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