It’s good to know I’m not the only adult who colors! (in case you missed my blog post yesterday, coloring is one of my favorite ways to unwind) & I got some great ideas back from you - soak in the tub, listen to music, do a bit of yoga, take a quick walk, use essential oils. Good stuff!








& yes, I’m feeling much better today, thanks for your concern. I’m grateful it was just a 12 hour thing. whew! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

OK, we’re about to do a fun exercise together. & no, not the workout kind. But, the pen to paper kind.

This is to help you shift gears if you are feeling stressed & ready to reach to food for the answer.

It’ll only take about 6 minutes & you’ll be pausing the video as we go so you get these answers NOW rather than a time when you are already stressed & already reaching for food. These tactics are something you want pre-planned & laid out for you ahead of time.

Grab your pen & watch the video.

5 x 5 Exercise:

  1. List 5 ways you relax.
  2. List 5 things you do to distract yourself.
  3. List 5 places you go to feel better
  4. List 5 people you connect with
  5. List 5 positive things you tell yourself (mantras or quotes)

This is a piece of paper that is your GO TO. It will be taped to your fridge, your computer, your cabinet with the chips… you get the idea. Make photocopies if you have to.

I’m wondering, is stress eating a big issue for you, especially this time of year?

I’m asking because I’m diving into this topic with my VIP Coaching clients. I want to help you cut through the weight, diet & workout crap that is getting in your way. Fill out this form if you feel stuck & could use some guidance on what to do about it.


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