Dana Lee Helps Women Over 40 Make Peace With Food, Become Fiercely Fit, & Live In Total Freedom.

Start with this simple pdf download to get started with the Top 10 Mindset Hacks for Easier Weight Loss. Click the button below!

Dana Lee Helps Women Over 40 Make Peace With Food, Become Fiercely Fit, & Live In Total Freedom.

Start with this simple pdf download to get started with the Top 10 Mindset Hacks for Easier Weight Loss. Click the button below!
Download My Top 10 Mindset Hacks for Easier Weight Loss

Your strongest muscle & your worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.

Which best describes where you're at with living an awesomely fit life?

"I've Got It All Under Control. I Just Want Kick-Ass Workouts!"

Perfect! Then this is for especially for you:



Mix and Match your favorite workouts with our RealFit FitPicks. This option allows you to pick and choose the categories you want at $15/month each. Choose from: Ride, Kick & Box, Strength, & HIIT. Customize your own fitness program designed specifically for women to train in the most effective, fat-burning, confidence-boosting way possible. 

"I'm motivated, but a bit confused as to how to put it all together!"

That's understandable! Here's what to do next:

All Access

RealFit All Access

RealFit All Access is a program specifically to help women in their 30's & 40's ease up on themselves and enjoy the process of getting healthy & fit without being perfect, over-training or going to a gym. Finally live in a body that you feel good about! Learn how the nutrition, fitness & mindset components work together in your favor with the support of an expert coach & a rock-solid community.

"I feel stuck. I'm obsessed with Food & Exercise and I need serious HELP!"

I feel your pain! Here's the step-by-step solution:

RealFit MindSet Course

RealFit Mindset Course

The RealFit Mindset Course is an online go-at-your-own-pace program specifically to help women who are obsessed about food, struggling with weight loss, over-exercising and never feeling like what they do is ever good enough. Finally break through the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to create your ultimate freedom formula when it comes to food and fitness.

STRONG WOMEN: May we know them, may we raise them, may we BE them.

Meet Dana Lee and her MissFits

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"You must learn a new way to THINK before you can master a new way to BE."    ~ Marianne Williamson

The RealFit.tv Blog

#GoodGirlsGetRich Podcast + A Crazy Story About My Past

#GoodGirlsGetRich Podcast + A Crazy Story About My Past

For anyone that has been following me since 2008, you know that I used to own a brick and mortar gym – crazy, right?Well, as you can see, that gym no longer exists. I now have a *beautiful* production studio where I film and host my fitness classes and workshops...

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When women support each other, incredible things happen.

"I love RealResults because I don't feel forced to work out or miss out on a class. I can take one whenever I want and hit replay too. Lots of choices with an instructor I like, and seeing women with NORMAL bodies, not ones that look forced to look that way."

~ Ellen Carozza

Before I joined, I did cardio at least 5-6 times a week. I sometimes did a weight training circuit, but it felt boring, and I felt guilty for not doing cardio. I was hard on myself if I missed a workout it if I ate something "bad". Workouts were punishment designed to burn all the calories I'd overindulged in. Now, I am kinder to myself. I love strength and HIIT more than straight cardio. I workout maybe four or five times a week and only one of those would be straight cardio. I enjoy my workouts far more now, and they are not to reduce guilt, but to make myself feel better. I am stronger, more toned, more flexible and have better balance."

~ Esther Thompson

"I love the variety, the fun the girls have when working out, the motivation you all give me, AND I can workout at home, when I want-- it fits into my schedule, which is very busy. I knew I was changing physically, but really noticed it this weekend. I had a large party to help out with and all the women were very tired by the end of the night. I was too, but not half as bad as they were. I could carry way more stuff than they could. I couldn't believe the difference. And most of the girls were half my age!"

~ Joanne Keen

"I work out at home. No having to get ready to go to the gym. In the amount of time it would take me to get there I already have a workout done. I had been at a plateau for years before joining RealFit, and I was what you call a "cardio junkie". I have learned the importance of strength training and now my body shows it. Once I started the consistency of the strength workouts in the program, was when I really started noticing a difference."

~ Susan Mercer

"I've always done the gym because of the CLASSES and how they were different every day. It wasn't the same workout on some DVD every day. So the gym it was. The problem with a typical gym is you have to pay extra for a personal trainer from someone who is actually likable and helpful. No way in hell was I going to spend another $100 a week on a personal trainer and also drag my 4 yr old to the crappy gym daycare who ignored him the whole time. So I started looking for online programs on YouTube and found my awesome Dana and my life changed forever. Never having to drive to a gym had the most impact on my success because I could actually get to my workouts without having to drag my kids to a place they didn't want to go. Now I'm in the best shape of my life"

~ Robin Dunnigan

"All of the workouts are great, excellent variety & you can choose based on the equipment you have at home. It's WAY better than buying exercise dvds because of the variety, the real people, and the sense of community. Dana listens to what her members want & need and design workouts for us. It's really the best investment I have made in my health and I've been a member for almost 2 years."

~ Leslie Zimmerman

"I love RealResults because it is always there for me. I can choose any workout at any time that works with my schedule. I cannot ever make any excuses because it is at my fingertips. I also like the support from the real fitters and great information from Dana! RealResults supports all my fitness needs!"

~ Emily Massey

I like that I can pick a short HIIT or a longer workout, depending on how I feel/amount of time I have, and both are challenging enough that I don't feel bad for doing the shorter routine. Also, the wide variety of workouts is awesome, I never get bored! Really, I love everything about RealResults!"

~ Mallory Bevan

"Anytime I'm ready for my workout it's there for me! I love the variety and how the workouts can actually fit my mood. But my top all time reason I love it here is because I feel no judgment! I can ask anything that I'm concerned about and I get the guidance and support that I need."

~ Heather Marie

"You're inspiring! I love the variety! There is lots of choice (but not so much that it's overwhelming). I love the ease of use at home... you can fit in a workout anywhere! The spin workouts are my favorite - the reason I joined - there isn't anything else like it out there that is as awesome as your spin classes! oh, and the music!!!!! Of course, the music is THE BEST!!!!"

~ Michelle Ahoy

"Dana makes me feel like doing the work! She encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and work hard. The variety of workouts always keeps it fresh and I'm never bored. I've been working out for 45 years and never plan on quitting. Found RealFit on YouTube when I was looking for a kickboxing workout, and I have been a member since. Dana Lee's knowledge and caring as a fitness coach and friend has made my life better!"

~ Theresa Willing

"My body can never be a problem if my thinking is healthy."          ~ Byron Katie

Dana Lee Recommends...

As the founder and CEO of RealFit.tv Dana is pretty picky about what products she will and will not recommend.  Below are some of her favorites.  Yes, RealFit.tv does receive a small commission if anyone buys through the links below, but if they weren't good products, they wouldn't be here.  You can trust that she recommends only the best!

Just a gentle reminder: Your body hears everything your mind says.

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