It feels like just last year that Super Storm Sandy whipped up the coast of New Jersey & New York. Although that was nearly 5 years ago, the ripple effect from the devastation still lingers in this part of the world. Physically, mentally & emotionally.

I felt safer filming this workout in the big building that was my studio, than being home in my little log cabin in the woods.

On the flip side, I have seen so much of the Jersey shore that has already been rebuilt and is new and beautiful!! It feels so good to see. I well up with pride, in fact! #jerseystrong

As we watch the news about Hurricane Harvey from afar blasting deep into the coast of Texas, so many of us here in Jersey relate to the wave of fear, anxiety and uncertainty as we witness a massive storm and the force of mother nature powering through another part of our beloved country.

A heart-felt message to my RealFit friends in Texas:

I know it may be difficult to wrap your head and heart around this NOW, however,
power like this ultimately becomes a force for good; You get to put all other bullshit aside. You unite in a way that brings people of all backgrounds, economic statuses and histories together for a common goal that otherwise would never get you talking, communicating and connecting to one another.

An event such as this acts like a massive sand sifter. It forces you as a human being to get crystal clear on what is most important in your life. It shakes out all the crap that really doesn’t matter, and although it feels at the moment like everything is getting ripped away from you, the aftermath leaves you a better person with a greater level of compassion and appreciation for the simplest, and most important, things in life. It is time for faith & trust at its mightiest!

I’ve always heard the saying “Don’t Mess with Texas,” so you better believe I would bet my last dollar on Texas coming back even stronger than before!!!

The RealFit community sends our love, light, positive & uplifting energy to bring out the sun for Houstonians & surrounding cities in Harvey’s path to heal quickly and recover better than ever imagined possible.

Texas WILL get through this & they WILL be better for it!!

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