Today I have a workout challenge for you. Be forewarned, it’s killer on the legs! No equipment. Just need a way to keep track of your reps (like a pencil & paper) & a timer you can set for 15 minutes.

Sometimes I like to break from the typical interval training style I do (ex: 45 seconds per exercise, 15 seconds off to transition to the next) & instead set a length of time - let’s say 15 minutes - and do As Many Rounds As Possible of a certain exercise, or group of exercises. This is referred to as an AMRAP.

It’s a fun & challenging way to put your quality of movement to the test.

Going faster - or doing MORE rounds - isn’t necessarily BETTER.

Ideally, you want the first repetition to be of equal quality to the very last.

The sloppier you get, just to crank out maximum number of reps, kinda defeats the purpose.

Today’s video is a peek into an AMRAP challenge I gave to a group of my corporate wellness clients during the month of April - and then Amanda & I decided to take the challenge ourselves.

Our goal was to stay consistent with deep squats, deep lunges & deep push ups the entire 15 minutes. Even if that meant having to stop & get water, or rest the legs before moving on to the next round.

The shallower the move, the quicker you can go.

HOWEVER, I ask you the ever important question:

“What is it you want out of your workouts?”

If you want results - improvements in strength & physique - then quality trumps quantity every. single. time.

Here’s the series of exercises:

Forward Leap into a Squat
Hop-Turn Squat Right
Front Lunge Right
Front Lunge Left
Walk Out Push Up
Jump In (record your number)
Hop-Turn Squat Left

Amanda & I used an index card & marked each round with a pencil.

I had my corporate clients use sugar packets. They moved a packet of sugar into a paper cup with every round finished.  (Lol it was the only thing I could find around the office in mass quantities!)

Post below! How many rounds did you accomplish AND do you feel good about the quality you put into each rep?

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